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Explore all the features of Elfsight Audio widget and how they can help you create the most effective tool.


Create an impressive library of audiobooks right on your website. Let your audience listen to the stories they like or demonstrate only extracts, pushing to make a buy of the whole product. Form collections of books dedicated to a specific topic or play a series of stories – our player is suitable for all of these variants and even more!


Use our player to share the tracks you’ve created with your audience and new visitors. Present new albums, form a selection of your best tracks, announce new songs or simply create playlists which will become a reflection of your website’s vibe.


Present your favorite audio shows in just a few clicks! Provide your users with an engaging series of episodes that won’t let them leave your site in a rush. Make them come back to you again and again eager to listen to a new release.


Share audio lectures and useful educational articles with your audience.Provide them with all the necessary information presented in a convenient way. Turn your website into a valuable educational source for your visitors.

Multiple sources

Our player supports content from different sources like SoundCloud, Shoutcast, Icecast, Mixcloud, YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Vista, or even self hosted, local or streaming audio. In addition, the widget supports sources from Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox. All you need here is copy the track’s URL and paste it in the box in our editor. Or simply upload your files from your device or choose from the ones you’ve uploaded previously. You are also free to add as many tracks as you need to form your perfect playlist.


Player info

You can create a standard player that will contain information about the author, the name of the track and the image. Or turn these details off, leaving only the control icons.

Reveal or hide playlist

If you want your audience to know which track is going to be the next, you can demonstrate a switchable playlist. It can be hidden by clicking on a special button which is extremely convenient for those ones who don’t want to clutter up their pages. Playlist features three elements – duration, author and image – and it’s up to you to choose whether to demonstrate them or not.

Two layouts for better tracks presentation

The widget offers two types of layouts – Embed and Floating. The first ones provides your audience with maximum data on each track. It can be featured with the album cover to attract visitors’ attention. Floating layout allows you to put player almost anywhere on the page for greater user convenience.

Loop and shuffle tracks

It’s up to you to decide in which order the tracks will be displayed. Users will have an opportunity to customize the playback for themselves: mix the tracks on the playlist so that they are played in random order or maybe even loop one audio file.

Autoplay option

Set the mood of your audience by turning on the autoplay option – users will hear the music as soon as they open your website. Or simply let them decide when they want to hear the tracks you’ve uploaded on the playlist.

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Add different player and playlist elements

Each player and playlist can be featured with four switchable elements. You can show or hide the image, the title, the info about the author of the track and the progress bar. It’s up to you to decide whether you want your player look minimalistic or noticeable.

Recolor options to fit it perfectly into your website

Choose background color which will be the perfect match for your website’s design. To make the widget more remarkable, change the accent color. Make eye-catching player in 1-2-3!

Dark/light theme

Provide your audience with a trendy looking player with a dark theme. Use the dark mode to emphasize content and reduce cluttered UI. Create a dramatic atmosphere that won’t leave your users indifferent. Light theme is also available for those ones who prefers classic tone.

Custom color scheme

If don’t want to choose between two color schemes, we’ve provided you with an option to create your custom-made one. Simply come up with the background color or image and recolor all the player’s elements.


Download button

This feature may be useful for spreading audio files directly from your website. Add this button to allow your visitors download the content you provide them with. Let people keep their favourite podcast show episodes or musical works of yours on their devices to enjoy them as much as they like.

Customizable button

This option will help you improve the marketing features on your website. Give your audience the opportunity to buy the track or album they like in one click. Expand the functionality of your website player, enabling people to choose the platform, they usually acquire their audio content from. To achieve that, you may not only paste the URL to the track itself in our editor, but also choose the marketplace icon this link leads to.


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