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Blogger Audio Player widget
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Elfsight Audio Player is a simple widget for Blogger sites giving you an opportunity to stream audio tracks straight on your site. The tool is exceedingly customizable: you may change its placement, putting it in any place on the page, scale its size, do over the background and all other parts to combine it with your site’s design, use dark theme, display images and display or hide 4 other player details like progress bar, heading and others. Include as much tracks as you wish to delight your users, turn the autoplay option on and don’t hesitate – your visitors won’t leave your web page in a hurry!

Get the best of Elfsight Music widget to reach your e-commerce goals more efficiently!

These are just several of the valuable widget features:

  • Numerous color variations
  • Dark/light color theme
  • Responsive design
  • Two layouts ready for use
  • Possibility to add background image

You can check out the full capabilities of the widget in the demo on this page

How can I add Elfsight Music Player to my Blogger website?

Simply follow several steps described below to embed the widget.

  1. Using our free demo and start creating your customized widget.
    Specify the desirable look and aspects of the tool and save the corrections.
  2. Acquire the personal code which appears in the special form on Elfsight Apps
    After the generation of your personal tool is over, copy the exclusive code from the appearing window and keep it for later usage.
  3. Commence utilization of the Audio widget on your Blogger homepage
    Insert the code saved before in your page and apply the modifications.
  4. The installation is successfully ended
    Go to your website to check the work of the widget.

Supposing you have questions or run into some difficulties, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. Our people will be happy to resolve all the issues you may have on the tool.


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