Blogger Age Verification widget

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Blogger Age Verification widget
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Elfsight widget will be the easiest tool to get a page load window that verifies the age of a visitor. The widget makes your age-limited material reachable for users of full age and hide away it from the underage category. You can appoint a required age limitation, specify verification method, introduce the widget on each or just selected pages, and pick the scenario. The interface is as well under your control featuring paintable details and the feature to upload your own images.

Where on my site can I install it

You can either show the age control popup on all website or choose the pages to show it. In addition, there’s the option to exclude the pages on which you don’t need it.

How can I benefit from this plugin?

Using this widget, it’s maximum simple and fast to show an age verifying window and make your material unavailable for underage visitors. Thus, you will be sure that your website is compliant with the legislation. More to that, this will attract more target visitors and valid potential customers.

How do I add Age Verification to my Blogger website?

You only will need two minutes of time to set it up. Installation is really speedy, free, and doesn’t include coding.

Elfsight Age Verification can be integrated through our service or through the marketplace. Here you can compare the advantages of both variants and choose a more suitable.


To shape a clearer understanding of the widget, check the list of the main traits. They make the widget incredibly effective for you:

  • Choose one of three check formats: asking for full date of birth, only the year of birth, or a question offering Yes and No options;
  • The option to remember users for any amount of time;
  • 2 scenarios for deterred visitors: to display a custom text or direct a user to any address;
  • Add your own picture to add to the verification popup;
  • Demonstrate extra details with links beneath the verification button.

Live demo will open all features to you

See how to add the Age Verification widget to your Blogger website. It is fast.

The below steps are the only thing you need to do.

  1. Generate your personal Age verification plugin
    Managing our free configurator, set up a plugin with a selected layout and functions.
  2. Copy the individual code to display the plugin
    After you have customized your widget, you will receive your installation code from the popup notification on Elfsight Apps. Copy it.
  3. The plugin on your Muse website
    Chose the area you would like to embed the plugin to and insert the copied code there. Save the edits.
  4. Congratulations! You have just published the widget!
    Visit the web page, to view your plugin.

Still have doubts? Or have inquiries? Just a single request to our customer service will settle any kind of issue.


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