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Shopify Whatsapp Live Chat app
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Embed WhatsApp Chat with Elfsight Widget

WhatsApp app by Elfsight is the easiest tool for your website viewers to send a message to you and get their questions answered. Stay available for visitors non-stop in one of the most comfortable messengers. Embed chat on your site and choose it to appear on specific pages or for selected groups of users; set start-chat triggers; write your unique welcome message; choose icons, and so much more. Using Shopify chat, you will stay in touch with your customers at any hour and from anywhere.

If you choose to add a WhatsApp button to your Shopify website, this action can enhance your website’s performance in a short time. Our Shopify WhatsApp integration is there to bring positive changes with your work with the audience. After you add the WhatsApp button to your website, you’ll be able to choose who will see it. And using it, you’ll easily provide any kind of help for your website visitors – from customer support to ordinary talks. With the WhatsApp chat button on your Shopify website, you’ll definitely get an opportunity to boost your business instantly.

Our Shopify chat app is easy to personalize which is good news for your business. This means you can easily form the app that will suit you in terms of style. Keeping in mind that you can totally reinvent the Shopify WhatsApp plugin’s look, it will surely become an inseparable part of your website’s and overall design. All that is left for you is to start building your plugin, and you will see how it becomes an essential part of your business. And tons of other options can help you make it suit only your business goals, without messing with features you don’t actually need.

Where can I publish the widget

The widget can be pasted to all pages of your website, or only to the pages you pick. You can as well exclude certain pages if you want them without the live chat.

What advantages will it give me?

The widget will help more clients address you with their questions and requests or problems. This may help elevate the number of leads and purchases. In addition, fast responding and personal approach will advance the level of your customer support.

What do I need to get Whatsapp Chat on my website?

You only need two minutes of your time to start using the widget. The process is very quick, free, and no-coding.

  1. The widget can be set up on your site directly via our service or via the marketplace. Here you can learn all details about the two options and pick a more suitable one.

Main features of WhatsApp Chat App

To have a better understanding, view the list of the most important features of our Shopify online chat. They make it incredibly beneficial for your store:

  • Add WhatsApp messenger on your site to stay always available for people;
  • Keep chatting directly from your WhatsApp account;
  • Select one of three types of chat location: as a floating bubble, as an embed bubble, and as an embed chat window;
  • Select your bubble icon variant from our collection;
  • Editable bubble text.

Our demo will reveal more features to you

How to add Live Chat app to your Shopify website

The following actions are the only thing you need to display.

  1. Make use of our free editor and start building your customized app.
    Determine the preferable arrangement and functionality of the app and apply all the modifications.
  2. Get the personal code appearing in the box on Elfsight Apps.
    As soon as the generation of your personal app is done, copy the individual code in the emerged box and save it for future use.
  3. Commence employment of the app on your Shopify website.
    Insert the code you’ve copied recently in your web page and apply the improvements.
  4. You’re done! The embedding is fully accomplished.
    Go your webpage to view how’s the app operating.

Still can’t make a decision? Or have questions? Simply send a request to our customer support will help with every matter.

How to embed Whatsapp Chat to my Shopify homepage without coding experience?

Elfsight company delivers a Cloud solution that lets site owners build a Whatsapp Chat section yourself, check the simple steps:

  • Go to the online Demo to establish a Whatsapp Chat section you would like to appear on Shopify site.
  • Decide on one of ready-made templates and adapt the Whatsapp Chat settings, include your content, transform the layout and color scheme without coding skills.
  • Click to save the Whatsapp Chat and copy code for embedding, that can be simply added in Shopify homepage free of charge.

With the help the intuitive Editor every internet user can establish Whatsapp Chat and easily embed to any Shopify homepage. It’s not required to pay or disclose your card credentials to enter the service. If you run into any issues of any kind, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support.


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