Wix website hosting: which one to choose

In case you want your Wix website to be seen on the web, you’ll need to store it on a web space that can be accessed by visitors from around the world. These spaces are also called servers and they can be bought or rented and even built locally. Servers are there to keep your Wix website files safe and under a unique address.

Choosing how to host your Wix site is quite a hard task, but this guide is here to break down all the options that are there for you. 

What is DNS hosting

Wix site DNS hosting is a web-based service running Domain Name System servers. In some cases, domain name registrars provide DNS utility with registration, but free DNS utilities remain too - they are mostly sponsored by some large providers and telecommunication companies. Likewise, lots of external DNS hosts grant Dynamic DNS. 

This type of web hosting it-service is top of the line choice in the event that the provider has numerous servers that are placed in separate regions all over the world granting endurance and taking down timeout for people. Thanks to locating DNS hosts closer to end customers, DNS queries need to travel a much shorter distance, culminating in quick web address resolution. 

What is VPS web hosting

A VPS means a virtual private server. It is a virtual operating system that is there to reside within a parent server and employ virtualization technology to grant dedicated resources to other virtual servers. 

The individual, emulated VPS hosting surrounding is built on some gear - host (computer or any machine united with others and creating some sort of network), parent server or as much as a cluster of servers. 

And however VPS models lots of the qualities of a “real” physical server, it’s still a piece of software, operating with similar processes and functionality. Routinely, VPS grants users with these options: 

  • Accessing their VPS environments from anywhere. 
  • Owning allocated bandwidth for each instance. This allows us to verify that the performance won’t be influenced by third-party businesses on the server. 
  • Acquiring more performance and storage. 

VPS usually uses a parent server to host multiple virtual servers which are disconnected from one another. And by means of a software that is a hypervisor, a provider has an opportunity to incorporate a virtual layer on the top of the OS to segment the servers. The segmentation helps users to apply their own operational system and software, which accounts for creating their own really private server. 

VPS is useful to: 

  • Hosting web servers
  • Hosting 1-10 websites - Wix-based or any other
  • Forming and granting cloud-based maintenance
  • Forming and providing virtual workspots for remote workers
  • Accumulating files to grant an access to them from any place in the world
  • Databases

With you understand what VPS is and how it works, you surely can make an informed decision if it’s a form of web hosting that meets your Wix site requirements. 

What is Shared hosting

Shared web hosting implies a type of hosting where you host your Wix site on an individual “real” server that is likewise hosting some supplementary sites. There are also additional tools and opportunities accessible within the host server that make getting access to your Wix site way easier. 

There are hundreds and so much as thousands of users have an opportunity to be hosted within one server. And they have a chance to make the best out of it as it determines that they share the payments also. This “collaborative” usage makes this type of hosting among the most reasonable ones and really convenient for small Wix website owners. Many bloggers, small businesses and other website owners choose to start with this sort of hosting. 

Shared servers are comparable to PCs in a way that they have a hard drive, a central processing unit also called CPU, and RAM. All these resources are also shared with all the users that are hosted by the server. This makes secured storing of all the saved files, data, and information achievable. 

When a user tries to get access to your website from their PC, the infp kept within the server is sent to every user by the host. Used jointly web hosting reaps benefits of the best server utility as each individual Wix site causes a different amount of traffic at a various window of time. 

Here you’ll see a list of benefits a user of a shared web hosting gains: 

  • Considerably low prices. As we’ve already noticed above, the prices of this type of service are apt to be low thanks to other users committing to its costs. 
  • Flexibility. There are lots of plans for a user to pick from. And they all take aim at fitting the requirements of large numbers of websites hosted within one server. 
  • Security. The sites, also employing your shreable server, can’t access your site’s data. And some hosting businesses also guarantee some additional security features. 
  • No-problem setup. It’s really quick and easy to set up a Wix website on a shared server. 
  • Easy to handle support. Frequently, the shareable server is controlled by a host provider and does not obligate any actions on your end. So you can focus on growing your Wix site and building your business, not hosting problems. 

From there, in case you don’t have a lot of an insight of web hosting, need to be tight with money, don’t want to waste your time and are more into developing your Wix website, then shared web hosting is right up your alley. 

What is Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting refers to the practice of outsourcing solutions for some business’ storage and computing tools to a service provider offering its infrastructure services as a utility model. The cloud provider - host - handles setup, cloud infrastructure, security, and maintenance. Frequently customers are allowed by a host to set up tools and applications, the same as adjust servers online. Calculating and storage reserves are circulated around hundreds of virtual machines also called VMs that need I/O load balancing in a cloud infrastructure configuration. 

It's a considerably cheaper model in comparison to a usual dedicated host server model. This last one refers to the fact that companies have to build their own data centers and supply them. They can account for really high expenses for the business. 

Here are some benefits cloud hosting model for Wix can give you: 

  • Cloud hosting offers Wix website owners to set aside a mint of money on keeping and maintaining data centers. 
  • Wix site owners have the option to scale more aptly, paying only for those services and resources they need. 
  • Businesses selecting cloud hosting acquire all data protection pros - from high availability to fast disaster recovery. 
  • Putting to use cloud hosting assures flexible and advantageous scalability in building apps, Wix websites and other services. 

To mark the end, cloud hosting is great for those Wix users, who need to have almost impeccable uptime and are willing to enlarge their servers on their own choosing, without experiencing any delay. 

It is a great idea to upgrade your website with a cloud-based web application, like Wix Google Review widget from Elfsight.

What is dedicated hosting

One more category of hosting for you to look at - dedicated one. This form presumes that a real server is provided by a host to a single client. The customer is handed complete control over the machine, so it can be enhanced according to their needs and necessities, security and performance


The hosting provider here guarantees the physical server and environment, same as technical help and associated services. And here are some strong reasons why a Wix website owner might want to consider using a dedicated kind of hosting: 

  • It guarantees more control. Control over the dedicated environment is handled by a host company’s IT team. 
  • Higher adaptability. Businesses are granted an opportunity to easily change server structure, benefit from new software and adjust all the possibilities to make them meet their expectations. 
  • Better performance. Any team behind a Wix site gets a chance to optimize a dedicated host server to support their most demanding services. 
  • Flawless security. In case there are some special security requests a company desires to fulfill, the host server can be adjusted. 

So in case your Wix site has more peculiar needs, there’s a chance to accomplish them by picking dedicated hosting.