Wix Marketing

You can utilize your favorite marketing tools with your Wix site thanks to Wix Marketing Integrations. You can track the effectiveness of your online marketing, get useful data about your visitors' activities on your site, and receive actionable insights. 

There are a lot of them and they perform different functions, however, they have only one purpose: help you earn more with Wix. Let’s take a more detailed look at the most important of them in this article. For example, we'll discuss affiliate marketing, pay-per-click strategy, SEO, content marketing, etc.

What Is SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the way of working on boosting a site or piece of content performance in search engines. Besides, SEO means organic ranking meaning that you don’t have to pay to appear on SERP. To put it simply, search engine optimization is the process of taking some content and then upgrading it for SEs after which they would display it at the search results when a user searches something related to the question. 

This may sound easy, however, it’s exceedingly critical for your Wix website to rank high in search engines like Google, as presently studies show that nearly two thirds of searchings start on Google. 

As a part of your marketing strategy for your Wix site, you may attempt to perfect your rankings by using the below tools: 

  • On the stage of preparing your Wix website for publishing, browse the SEO checklist to improve it properly so that it could take a high position on the market. 
  • Make Google see and index the Wix website by verifying it through Google Search Console. 
  • Help people looking for matching subjects your website has discovered by including keywords in the text of the website. 

Furthermore, glance over our comprehensive guide on SEO for Wix websites and upgrade your rankings by following its directions. 

What is email marketing

Email marketing is yet among the most mighty marketing means giving you a lot of tools even though it isn’t new. Email is an excellent marketing channel, a format of direct marketing that uses email for promotion of all businesses. Through the tool, you’ll give your website visitors a possibility to view the latest updates like products and offers by integrating it to your marketing automation work. 

Email marketing is here to help you start utilizing lead generation, keep clients interested and involved in your content, uplevel the brand recognition - altogether the strategies are accessible through simple email. 

Below you will find the key advantages of the email marketing for the Wix site: 

  • You can point precisely at the customers who are really fascinated about your offers. 
  • You may freely run A/B tests to discover which email marketing strategy actually performs for you. 
  • Email is able to help you drive traffic to your Wix site or blog. 
  • There’s a possibility to employ Wix email marketing to develop strong connections with the audience. 
  • It’s one of the most profitable tools on the market. 

Keep in mind that an effective Wix marketing strategy needs some time, effort, and the right tools. Avoid purchasing email lists - form yours instead since email companies harshly prevent from emailing to bought applicants. You must be conscious of national email standards - it’s important for you to know all the demands considering fitting laws if you wish to send automated emails. 

Not counting knowing the main principle, don’t forget that the content you’re creating for the email marketing campaign should be diverse. Generate tests, polls, and make them occur from time to time in your users’ boxes instead of your usual newsletter stuffed with promo countdowns and proposals. 

Wix approaches its users' email marketing instruments. Employing them, you’ll be able to: 

  • Establish email operations that fit your site style. 
  • Employ monitoring tools to see the amount of clicks and of those who unsubscribed your emails. 
  • Send automated emails when a site visitor makes a purchase on your Wix site or subscribes to your newsletter. 

And remember that if theWix email campaigns tool doesn’t work for you for some reason, you’ll be able to employ special Mailchimp integration. 

What is content marketing

One more way to light it up to the market and highlight your business online is start creating your Wix content marketing strategy with the appropriate tools. Content marketing stands for development and distribution of useful and relevant content for users online. It might be all sorts of social media posts, videos, blogs, etc. Everything that is in some way common to your existing and potential clients may be qualified as a content marketing subject. 

Carried out appropriately, content marketing can be a proof of the company’s proficiency and also become some sort of evidence that the business genuinely appreciates its customers. And the consistent evaluation of content marketing is able to guide to developing persistent contacts with your clientele - both existing and potential ones. 

Here’s how you can begin utilizing the content marketing instruments: 

  • Identify your audience and analyze it. To start generating content for users of your market, you should learn who they are and what their main plans and concerns are. Analyze customer feedback and share it on your wep pages with Wix Google Review widget.
  • Think over the most fitting formats. The proper format here matches what certain phase of sales you’re making content for. Moreover, think about what kinds of content will be ok in delivering value to the customers. For instance, for some people texts will work well, and for the rest videos will be more suitable. 
  • Come up with a sustainable content plan. The most widespread mistake lots of marketers tend to make is to form a certainly ambitious content plan that can’t be followed. So, after you’ve determined your clients, produce a plan for a short period of time for the real number of pieces of content you can make. 
  • Trace chosen content creation methods. Make excellent, appropriate content that will also be valuable for your new visitors, not only existing ones. 

And bear in mind that even if Wix content marketing may look like a harsh process, it doesn't have to be. 

What is social media marketing

With Social media marketing, or SMM you make adapted content for every media platform you want your business and Wix website be mentioned to highlight your company and drive engagement among the audience. Applying the tool, you make stable bonds with your market customers and help them get to know your business better. 

Identical to the off-line world strategies, media marketing is used for seeking the core audience and making these people satisfied and happy so that they could promote your brand and share it with friends. 

Applying social media marketing strategies is highly critical nowadays as modern users usually prefer to search information about your enterprise on the media market. They use these channels many hours a day and it's really significant that you are promoted there. And companies can gain insights into their online audience’s interests and tastes by means of Social Media marketing. 

The number of Social marketing pros for Wix site comprises: 

  • Social media marketing consistently pulls new customers to your enterprise. And it’s absolutely easy to heat up these individuals with fascinating and engaging texts and visuals you’ll produce for everyone on the market. 
  • You have a possibility to develop strong relations with your clients. Social media marketing is denoted to connecting to your clients and in addition to publicizing your bids. It’s a superb platform to prove how much you care about your customers. 
  • With social media marketing you can differ significantly from competitors. Before starting any campaigns on social media, it’s better to discover what strategies your market competitors prefer to employ and check what works for them. Later on you have an opportunity to begin carrying out tests with things that are operational for them. 
  • Social media marketing for Wix is affordable and productive. Running ad campaigns still costs relatively little, and making an account on the most widespread social platforms costs nothing. If executed correctly, your campaign has a great possibility to produce a greater investment income. 

Wix, for its part, offers users heaps of social media inclusions. You can use social icons and connect your Wix website with your social media profile. Use social media icons to empower your audience to share your content on their social media profiles. You can also push your Wix texts and visuals on the market through integrated social sharing. Additionally, for those who employ Facebook as their primary marketing instrument there’s an opportunity to apply Facebook pixel to create targeted ads supporting your services and products and check site visitors’ operations.

What is PPC marketing

Pay-per-click or PPC marketing is a means of online marketing that allows advertisers to assemble costs when some site user clicks their ad. In the PPC marketing model, promoters bid on the considered fare per click related to the keywords and clientele kinds where it originates. Pay-per-click is good for all types of campaign objectives, in particular lead generation, increasing brand notoriety and increasing number of purchases. 

PPC means being appropriate for your audience as the marketers use the possibility to demonstrate targeted ads to site users. With the help of precise and correct targeting settings and tools advertisers are able to run successful ppc marketing campaigns. 

On Wix, you are free to use several integrations to create pay-per-click marketing campaigns. In particular, you have an opportunity to employ Google AdSense. Or there’s also an opportunity to use 2,500 advertising networks via connecting the Channable tool for Wix. But you should bear in mind that Wixsupporters can help you with connecting or disconnecting the plugins. 

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is all about earning a charge after advertising a service or product that is produced by a third-party retailer or advertizer. You - Affiliate Partner - are honored with a charge for providing some definite result to the advertizer or retailer. Normally, the effect can be a transaction, but in some cases programs propose a charge for clicks, leads, sign-ups, downloads, etc. Usually, partnership programs don’t call for any money to join, and are able to supply you with a constant interest. 

The listing of major affiliate marketing advantages for Wix site includes: 

  • It can be easy to use and start. You as the marketing side shouldn’t be concerned about the development or support of the product. Your task here is only about promoting and selling it. 
  • It doesn’t demand investments. Since accessing affiliate programs commonly do not request any payments, there’s a possibility to start earning very quickly. Additionally, affiliate marketing can generate passive interest for you through the commissions agency. 
  • You have an option to grow your revenue. By means of affiliate marketing, you have an option to freely present a great deal of new goods to your customers while your present occupation remains to get revenue. 

To commence using affiliate marketing, everything you need to do is to choose the appropriate method and platform.

Requirements and final points

You are interacting directly with a third-party service provider by utilizing Marketing Integrations service. Prior to using a third-party service, you should better read the service provider's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. If you wish to use this service on Wix platform, you’ll need a Premium site with a linked domain. If you want to connect any of the integrations offered by Wix, you’ll need to simply find it in the list, click “Connect”  and complete setup.