WIX email marketing: how can I start an email campaign

Email marketing is still one of the most useful tactics with high ROIs. It allows you to create personalized and tailor-made experiences for your community and also uplevel engagement. Anyone employing email marketing has a high chance of deepening brand awareness as a result of leads, new clients and returning customers as well. 

You have an option to attach your email marketing channels for a coherent and fluid buyer's journey. Email is a fantastic opportunity to get insights from your audience and think of intentional and effective customer focus points. 

And if you’re thinking of starting an email campaign, WIX offers you a chance to send on-brand emails or implement email marketing features. Here’s how you can do it. 

Starting your first email campaign: quick notice

Before you begin, keep the following things in mind:

  • Using the Email Marketing option at Wix is free - you can benefit from its great features with no need to pay for a Premium Plan.
  • Though the number of included messages and Email Campaigns is limited. To increase the limit, you’ll have to buy special Email Marketing plan.
  • In order to avoid spam filters, your website is recommended to have a custom domain and email address. 

With this information learned, you can proceed to launching your first campaign.

Step 1: sign in to the Email Marketing Dashboard

The Email Marketing dashboard is where all mailings and campaigns start. To access it, log in to your Wix website dashboard and find the Marketing Home section there. Then click Email Marketing in the drop-down menu.  This gives you the option to:

  • Have an easy start by choosing any template.
  • Easily create new or edit your previous content.
  • Sent 5,000 emails over 3 campaigns or mailings.
  • Track and analyze the statis.

WIX provides great email marketing features for website owners and does it for free! Though they are limited, the volumes provided are more than enough for beginners. Remember that in one month you can run only three campaigns and the total number of emails must not exceed 5,000 for all 3 mailings.

Tip: Keep in mind that if you opt for several mailings, one client receiving all three emails will count as three emails in a total amount.

How to subscribe to Squarespace Email Campaigns

When you start using Email Marketing, you don’t have to pay in order for your campaigns to start being sent. You can first start to form mailing lists, create templates and also review your past campaigns. Remember that you can also upgrade your Marketing plan as you grow when you see the existing limits are not enough.

Follow these steps to upgrade your Wix Email Marketing:

  • Enter your Marketing dashboard.
  • Find and click the Upgrade button.
  • Then select Ascend Plan (paid Marketing subscription).
  • Press the Buy Now button.
  • Select preferred subscription period.
  • Fill in payment details and Submit Purchase.

Tip: After you’re done with upgrading your subscription, refresh the page to see your new email campaign limits.

You also should also know that Email Campaigns limits are renewed automatically at the beginning of a new month. It doesn't depend on the date when you’ve started your mailing. If you would like to test your email campaign first, just choose the Send a Test Email option. The test emails do not reduce your limits.

Step 2: set up a profile and mailing lists

Before you begin a first email campaign, you’ll need to establish at least one mailing list and a sender profile. Below you’ll read some useful tips on building your first email list. Follow these strategies for a successful marketing campaign. 

Make use of lead generation offers

Implement call-to-actions to your WIX website with texts like “subscribe now” and so on. That’ll help you interact with your audience and get your first emails for your mailing list. It’s a working strategy for beginners. 

Make use of forms

Integrate some fill-in forms to your WIX website pages for the visitors to write the necessary information, among them their email addresses. It’s a great and easy strategy that will demonstrate to you how many people would like to receive emails from you. 

Use the ability of social networks 

Social media is effective for various tasks. You can apply it to organize some polls, asking users to submit their email addresses in exchange for perks. 

Invite people

Sometimes asking users openly to share their email addresses works great too - especially if you’ve got a wide community on the internet. 

Include subscribe button to Facebook Business page

It’s one of the simplest ways to initiate gathering email addresses for your list. Inserting a signup button will definitely drive to engaging your followers, including those that haven’t subscribed to your mailing list yet. 

Invite people to write comments on your business

People just enjoy being asked what their opinions are about some staff and services and if they’ve responden to their expectations. This makes them feel their importance. And there is an option to invite clients to send you their comments by email, getting access to their email addresses, and also learning useful tips on how you can improve your work. 

Organize a webinar or hold it

Webinars are still among the leading trends of modern marketing. And it’s also an amazing way to draw new users to your WIX website, also gathering their contact info.  Use a Wix Google Review widget to raise interest of potential customers.

Get contact info right from your site

There’s also an option to insert a contact form on the homepage of your WIX website so that visitors could continue browsing it after they submit the information you need. It works great if you have loyal communities willing to interact with the brand. 

Create a newsletter

If you have multiple social media accounts, there’s an option to design a creative newsletter and spread it around them and also place it on your website. This newsletter can present a sign-up form using which you’ll collect your first email addresses

How to set up a new campaign

To create your first campaign, do the following steps:

  1. Enter Email Marketing dashboard. 
  2. When creating the first email campaign, a user will be automatically directed to the Wix editor.
  3. Choose a template or design your email from scratch.
  4. Write headline and main text.
  5. Press Send a Test Email to see how it works.
  6. Start mailing!

Tip: Keep in mind that Wix Email Marketing doesn’t work on Flash based sites. If you are still using it, we recommend you switch to any HTML template.

Step 3: start sending blast or automated campaigns

Blast campaigns are the ones you distribute among one or more mailing lists. Blast campaigns can be used to notify your audience about the upcoming events. 

Automated campaigns include messages sent as a response to some user’s action. For example, the email can be automatically sent when a user makes a purchase on your online store. 

Finding the best time for sending emails

There are lots of studies on email marketing and the optimal time to send a newsletter. While they all demonstrate varied figures for various industries, you still may implement this info to prioritize your send times: 

10 a.m. 

Some scientists note that late morning hours is the most popular time for sending a newsletter, but there are several that tend to characterize the 10 a.m. As the best. 11 a.m. Is marked as well. 

8 p.m.-midnight

Emails also get a lot of clicks in the early night. Most probably because some people prefer to check their email box before going to bed. 

 2 p.m. 

People at work like to have some breaks. So, 2 p.m. Works pretty good for those website owners who’re looking for a way to make their email campaigns work. 

6 a.m. 

According to researchers, half of the users start their morning by emailing in bed. Thus it makes morning hours the perfect time to reach a wider audience. 

Step 4: ensure your mailings’ deliverability

There are several things that can affect your emails deliverability. Among them are your IP address reputation, your contact list quality, design and content, emails frequency and relevance. Low deliverability rate often means your messages are not delivered or end up in spam folders. There are some measures you can undertake in order to improve your deliverability.

Add an SPF record to your account

SPF - sender policy framework - is a record that permits your mail server sending emails on behalf of your domain. 

Add a DKIM record to your account

DKIM record confirms that your email messages are sent from a reliable and credible source.

Step 5: check your results

After you’ve sent your campaign, it’s time to see the results. WIX offers some built-in analytics tools for that. There are lots of metrics to track, and the vital ones are - open rate, click-through rate (CTR), click-to-open rate (CTO). 

Here are some key figures your emails campaign should be showing: 

Your average open rate should be about 15-25%. 

Average CTR should not be lower than 2. 5%. 

Average CTO should be around 20-30%. 

The mentioned figures are good for beginners, but some results may vary a lot across businesses

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