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How to Add Instagram Photo and Image Widget to Shopify

Do you want to create a photo gallery or add some photos to a site? Check out the amazing cloud web resource - Elfsight Apps, that will make it possible to add any social plugin to a Shopify website quickly and without difficulty.

Realize 2 Phases and Get Setup Done

Paste a fascinating portfolio on your very own Shopify personal page with no web programming expertise in just a few phases with the assistance of our widget. Find out more about the app!

Video Guide

First, Set up a Profile at Elfsight Apps

To build your plugin, you need to create an account, choose Instagram Widget and get the individual script.

• Register or login to Elfsight Apps

At first, to start working with our web resource, please, register. Use only correct email addresses and passwords to register. If you already have a personal account, please, authorise here.

• Choose a widget

Our online service offers several solutions which allow enhancing online businesses. To install Instagram photo gallery to a Shopify website, just click InstaLink.

• Adjust the Instagram photo plugin

Configure the pattern, styles and output parameters to specify the gallery that will suit your site best. InstaLink advantages:
  • Limitless combinations of Instagram sources (usernames, tags, locations and image URLs);
  • Extra source filters;
  • Capability of limiting social images in the gallery;
  • Cache media time parameter;
  • Etc.
You are able to find all the merits at the Instagram widget page.

• Get the code to paste it into your web resource

The finishing stage at our resource is to get the plugin script by clicking on “Get” tab near the product’s header.

Second, Insert Photo Gallery to Blog

The closing phase of adding the plugin is to insert the plugin to the site. Further you'll find a guide for Shopify. If you want to place the content on other platforms, read our article on how to embed Instagram on any website.

• Login to your Shopify account

Authorize to edit the site.

• Go to «Pages» section

Select the page you need from the list and enter that page.

• Prepare the page for editing

Press “Show HTML” in the upper panel to switch the page content to HTML.

• Insert the plugin code

Add the Elfsight Apps script to the required place on the page.

• Ready! The installation is complete

Go to site to check out the plugin’s work.

Modifying App’s Features after Setup

To replace the color scheme or to correct the picture source settings after you’ve applied the plugin to your web resource, go to your personal profile at Elfsight Apps. Then, go to «Dashboard» page and select modifying InstaLink.

Key Features of Image Gallery InstaLink

Do you want to publish your social photographs or collect an excellent portfolio for your web resource? Make use of our easy and quick Instagram widget:
  • Automatic photos adaptation to browsing device;
  • Adaptable gallery’s customization;
  • Clear JS code.
Furthermore, Elfsight offers lifelong technical help that will solve different positioning or customization issues. See more our Shopify apps.

What Is Elfsight Apps

It is a cloud-based platform that makes it possible to organize our plugin in just a series of steps with no web developing skills. Our product helps you power up profitability and improve the pages of your personal web project.

Test the Instagram App for Free

Try out all the advantages and invent the cool Instagram app for your own website.
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