Facebook pixel on Wix

Facebook pixel is out there to help you track events taking place on your Wix site. The information Pixel tracks can be applied by you later to promote some products users viewed on your website, added to cart or searched. 

What is Facebook pixel ID

Facebook pixel is aimed at helping you with getting info on conversions from Facebook ads, enhancing them, creating targeted audiences for future promos and remarketing to users who have previously taken any sort of action on your Wix site.

How does Facebook Pixel work

Facebook pixel locates triggering cookies to keep track of the users who intersect with your company on the web in any way - on and off Facebook and Instagram. FB Pixel can keep track of many sorts of actions, also called “events”. They’re all listed below:

  • Purchase. Stands for a user completing a purchase on your site.
  • Lead. Signifies sign up for a trial period for your product or service or identifies some action that can stand for a lead.
  • CompleteRegistration. Implies completing a registration form of any kind on your Wix website.
  • AddPaymentInfo. Designates entering payment info when making a buy on your website.
  • Add to cart. Represents adding one of your products or services to the shopping cart.
  • Add to the wishlist. Stands for putting any product to the wishlist on your website.
  • InitiateCheckout. Signifies starting a checkout process to purchase a product on your Wix website. 
  • Search. Denotes performing a search session to discover any sort of product on your site. 
  • View content. Stands for a user settling on some specific page of your Wix website. 
  • Contact. Signifies contacting your company by some means. 
  • Customize product. Means choosing some explicit variant of your product such as changing color. 
  • Donate. Signifies making a donation on your website. 
  • Find location. Denotes performing a search session to spot your business’ physical location. 
  • Schedule. Connotes booking an appointment at your business. 
  • Start trial. Stands for starting a free trial for any of your products or services. 
  • Submit application. Denotes an application for your product or service. 
  • Subscribe. Stands for subscription to your services.

Facebook tracks the info not on all pages of your Wix website, but only on certain ones. These are:

  • Store pages
  • Checkout page
  • Pages with search blocks
  • Pages with newsletter blocks or promotional popups
  • Pages where your visitors can create an account

Now that you know what actions and pages on your Wix site Facebook tracks, let’s switch to the next step.

What are the pros of Facebook pixel

Just as you integrate Facebook pixel to your Wix site, you’ll uplevel the possibility of growing the ROI on your Facebook ad spend. Since pixel assures your ads will be noticed by the visitors who are likelier to take the action you need them to take on your Wix site, you are free to increase your conversion rates and see growing ROI on your Wix website. If you’re still not certain if you’re planning to apply the Facebook pixel tool on your site, it’s better to integrate it now as it will start obtaining the information instantly and you won’t have to start from nothing if you decide to take this tool into consideration.

Facebook pixel is also really helpful in delivering you the information on how people are interacting with your site and viewing your Facebook ads.It even offers you ways to track your visitors on their devices. This is a way for you to understand how your audiences use your products and services and if they use them at all.

The pixel helps you to display ads of the products to those categories of users who leave them abandoned on their shopping carts or add them in wishlists on your Wix site. Data, collected by the pixel, allows you to build up lookalike audiences who have the same interests and demographics as the users who have already interacted with your Wix site. Multiplying your customer base has never been so easy.

How to add Facebook pixel on your Wix website

Just as you created your Facebook pixel, you can go to the Integrations section in the site’s dashboard to connect it with your Wix website. Follow these steps to do it:

  1. Open your Wix account and find Marketing integrations.
  2. Select Facebook Pixel.
  3. Select Connect Facebook Pixel option in the top right corner of the page.
  4. Enter your Facebook Pixel ID in the popup window.
  5. Save the changes.

Keep in mind that you should have a connected domain in order to implement the Facebook Pixel to your Wix website.

Some notes on Facebook remarketing and retargeting

Facebook pixel is also crucial when it comes to reaching your past visitors online. You can do it through the agency of ads across Facebook’s ad network, which also includes Instagram. Here’s what you need to know about how retargeting works:

  1. A website user engages with your brand in any way. 
  2. Facebook algorithms recognize this person’s Facebook account. 
  3. The user starts noticing your ads on social media if you’re using them as a element of your retargeting audience.

The research has shown that retargeting your site visitors remains one of the most successful marketing strategies due to its efficiency. 

Here’s a list of some useful notes for you in case you decide to set up a retargeting campaign on your Wix website:

  • Consider having one retargeting campaign working 24/7.
  • Avoid segmenting your audiences too much.
  • Users, who have already made a conversion, should not be demonstrated ads.
  • Display some special offers to your audiences.

And here are some perks of starting the Facebook remarketing campaign:

  • Your ads will be at the center of your potential customers’ feeds.
  • Ad blockers won’t harm your Facebook ads displaying.
  • Tons of info can be collected through Facebook ads so you can target exactly the users you need.

Through the agency of Facebook remarketing, you are free to turn your ad campaigns into some sort of a science. Regardless of the size of your business, there can always be a spot for implementing the Facebook pixel on your Wix site even if your site is not from the ecommerce sphere. The possibility to target some specific groups of users is a great opportunity for you to understand exactly what people are really interested in your merchandise and enhance your company the way it grants the demands of a larger amount of people. And the best places for your Facebook ads will guarantee boosting conversion rates for your Wix website. 

Sure thing, you have to embed and deal with Facebook pixel attentively as the mishandling can cost you a lot. But experimenting with audiences and the ads to demonstrate them can really be worth it. 

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Facebook pixel code errors

On the occasion that you get a red error message on your Facebook pixel admin panel in your Wix account, but your code injection panel looks all right, you may have mistakenly embedded your Facebook pixel ID in Google Tag Manager.