Elementor Restaurant Menu widget

User-friendly widget to display a wide variety of your food and drinks


Elementor Restaurant Menu widget
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Embed Restaurant Menu on Elementor with the Elfsight widget

Elfsight Restaurant Menu is a convenient tool for displaying your assortment of meals and beverages right on your website. The widget is a absolutely user-friendly. By means of it you can set numerous amount of menus with unlimited number of items or just display a concise list of the dishes you serve. Don’t hesitate to choose light, dark scheme or modify everything you like, changing all accent colors. Also widget allows info to stay always current: correct pricing, a list of items, add new drinks or even menus in mere seconds! No more static menus which you have to form right from the start. Just start creating your appetizing menu right now!

Having Restaurant Menu widget right on the web page your company you can have more guests and see active business. Start using Restaurant Menu by Elfsight!

Here are some basic features of the widget:

  • An easy tool even for non-professional users
  • Custom amount of menus, sections or items, formed with Tab, List or Masonry layouts
  • Simply-to-update menu and all its elements, like discounts, seasonal specials and etc.
  • Demonstrate extensive extra info for the items, including icons, nutrition elements and badges
  • Attach appetizing pics for the items and even demonstrate them in popup view
  • Adjust and change color of any elements, like text, color scheme and icons

Examine all the personalization features in fully functional demo

How do I add Restaurant Menu to my Elementor site?

Simply apply the instructions below to integrate the widget:

  1. Manage our free demo and start creating your custom menu.
    Specify the selected interface and features of the plugin and save the corrections.
  2. Acquire your unique code which appears in the special form on Elfsight Apps.
    Right after the generation of your personal menu is done, copy the individual code in the emerged popup and save it for future occasion.
  3. Commence usage of the tool on your Elementor homepage.
    Add the code saved before into your homepage and apply the edits.
  4. The installation is successfully ended.
    Visit your web page to take a look at the work of the widget.

On condition of dealing with inquiries or running into any complications, feel free to contact our customer service team. Our people will be excited to resolve all the issues you might have with the widget.

Is there a way to embed Restaurant Menu to my Elementor web page with no coding?

Elfsight delivers a solution that lets site owners form a Restaurant Menu app yourself, check how simple it is: Go to the live Editor to establish a Restaurant Menu widget you would like to embed on Elementor web page. Select one of the pre-designed templates and alter the Restaurant Menu settings, transform the layout and color of the elements and add your content, with no coding experience. Save the Restaurant Menu and get the plugin’s installation code, that you can effortlessly embed in any Elementor site within a free plan. With the help of the user-friendly Configurator every web user can generate a Restaurant Menu section online and easily add it to any Elementor homepage. There’s no need to pay or disclose your card data to access our Editor. If you encounter any obstacles at any step, please feel free to get in touch with our customer support.


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