Adobe Muse QR Code widget

Forward visitors to any web pages, distribute files immediately and boost the UX
Adobe Muse QR Code widget
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The QR Code generator is an impressive tool for Adobe Muse allowing you instantly redirect users to any site, share a link, location, email, file and more. The tool is remarkably customizable: you are free to adjoin a title, an explicative caption, select the most suiting icon and logo type – from our library or take your own, recolor the text, the background, frame and adjust the size the way it suits your website. All is left to do is simply start building your personalized tool – the installation is unsophisticated and won’t require coding skills from you.

Integrate Elfsight QR Code generator into your web page and redirect visitors directly where you need them to be and simplify the content consumption

Check out the list of the most powerful features:

  • Immediate access to your content
  • Attach any text
  • Eight switchable logos
  • 15 switchable icons available
  • Recolor all the elements

You can feel if the widget is for you using the demo

How do I add QR Code into my Adobe Muse web page?

Just follow the instructions below to start working with the tool.

  1. Employ our free editor and start building your own widget.
    Find the preferable design and functional traits of the tool and apply the edits.
  2. Acquire the personal code which is shown in the special form on Elfsight Apps.
    As soon as the setting up of your personal tool is done, copy the exclusive code at the appeared box and keep it for later usage.
  3. Start using the tool on Adobe Muse web page.
    Embed the code you’ve saved before into your website and apply the improvements.
  4. The installation is successfully performed.
    Go to your web page to review how’s the widget operating.

Supposing you have any difficulties, please reach out to our customer service team. Our people will be delighted to resolve all the questions you might have with the tool.

Go ahead to shape personalized Adobe Muse QR Code generator!

Adjust it and integrate it into your page with the help of demo


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