Pricing Table widget for HTML

Help your website viewers in making a positive buying decision


Pricing Table widget for HTML
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Pricing plays one of the main roles in convincing visitors to order or buy from your site. Widget by our team not only allows your shoppers to learn and compare available price plans in a flash. It also helps increase conversion by means of the freshest techniques included in the interface and templates.

Raise sales of your website to a different height, using smart pricing.

  • Help customers make a purchase.
    Show the information your future clients require in the most clear manner, and help them make the adequate decision.
  • Quick and efficient customization.
    Having a rich collection of settings which enable you to configure all possible kinds of pricings in 2 steps, you are able to create the plugin that will be totally selling for your site.
  • Make your pricing exciting for users.
    Make use of different colors, add units, show pictures, to make your pricing entertaining for clients and produce strong positive effect on the buying result.


The characteristics that transform our widget into the best Pricing Table for HTML websites.

  • 6 predefined column elements that can be arranged and customized to get the perfect look;
  • Adjustable Features list, complete with feature icons, hints and unlimited number of features;
  • Each column’s color elements can be individually customized;
  • Customizable Button border radius and width
  • Mobile optimized layout.

You can try all the benefits in live editor

How to create Pricing Table for HTML website

A guide on installation of Elfsight widget. To carry out this process, you don’t need experience in web development or a lot of time. Just several quick steps and 2 minutes of time.

  1. Generate your unique Pricing widget.
    By means of our free demo, generate a plugin with desired look and settings.
  2. Receive the code for embedding the plugin.
    After widget configuring, get the code for Pricing Table from the appeared notification on Elfsight Apps.
  3. Add the widget on the HTML page.
    Open the page code in the HTML editor, and insert the widget into the needed place (content, footer, sidebar etc) then publish the changes.
  4. The embedding is successful!
    Go to the website, to check your work.

Having troubles with generation of the widget? Study our extensive guide «How to add pricing table into a HTML» or leave a message for our support team, which will solve all kinds of issues timely.

Which way do I add a Pricing Table to the HTML website?

The construction of the tool is performed on the Elfsight pages and there’s no need to code. Apply our online demo to tailor your personal app, acquire the code and embed it to your website.

The best ways to use price table integration

We grant you tons of adjustment possibilities: full-scale widgets for embedding in the content area, floating plugins with scrolling options, layouts for the footer, header and all sorts of vertical opportunities for sidebars and menus.

Can I build a Columns or Comparison table through the agency of your editor?

You are welcome to form any widget’s modifications. There are a bunch layouts applicable in the editor, and all of them can be swiftly personalized just the way you lack.


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