Accordion FAQ widget for HTML

A handy way to set up FAQ code on your website


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Our FAQ is a powerful, easy to install and adjust widget to create and publish a list of the most important questions with answers, on your site. An adaptive widget with easy interface allows you to show comprehensive information about your services, direct reader’s attention to advantages and eliminate any kind of misconceptions and suspicions, which could influence the purchase.

Let your customers immediately find the answers to their questions and raise sales on the website!

  • Direct visitors to making an order with smartly made answers.
    Demonstrate answers to key client questions in good advance and convince users to make a purchase on your website.
  • Achieve the right perception of your goods or services.
    Combat the most frequent fears and distrust connected to your business by means of clear and extensive answers.
  • Reduce duration and cost of support center work.
    Add answers to any maximum frequent questions about your goods or service, to decrease the extreme loading of your support team.

How can I embed FAQ widget to the HTML?

The construction of the widget occurs within the Elfsight website and you do not need to learn how to code. Apply the live demo to shape your own tool, acquire the code and integrate it to your site.

The best usage examples of FAQ plugin integration

We grant you lots of personalization possibilities: full-size widgets for inserting in the content section, floating widgets for scrolling options, layouts for the footer of your website, header and all variations of vertical options for sidebars and menus.

Can I build a simple FAQ or multicolumn FAQ with the help of the editor?

You are welcome to build any widget’s variations. There are a host of layouts at your disposal in the editor, and all of them may be easily personalized the way you lack.


The most important features of Elfsight widget, which give it to become the most effective toll to add FAQ on HTML website.

  • 3 ready layouts: accordion, list, multicolumn;
  • 36 predefined icons for categories;
  • Duplicate and reorder questions;
  • Html in the text supported;
  • Timely and professional customer support.

Discover all features yourself

How to add Accordion FAQ widget to HTML code

Place the widget on your site using instructions from our brief tutorial. You won’t need to hire a programmer or to have extensive knowledge in programming – all the instructions are very simple. Average installation duration is just 2 minutes.

  1. Build your unique FAQ.
    Using our free editor, generate a plugin with necessary design and settings.
  2. Acquire a code for plugin embedding.
    After widget creation, obtain a code for FAQ plugin from the appearing window on Elfsight Apps.
  3. Add the widget on the HTML page.
    Start the page code in the HTML editor, display the widget on the necessary place (content, footer, sidebar etc), and apply the results.
  4. Installation is complete.
    Open the site, to see your work.

Have stumbled on difficulties while applying the manual? Leave an enquiry at our support service or see the extensive version of the tutorial «How to add FAQ to HTML» and complete the process yourself.


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