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Elfsight Portfolio extension is created to help every user who wants to publish their work library on the site and attract new sales. Having the tool, you will have opportunity to reveal images, video content, mockups and other project content. Every project file can features a comprehensive description and date. You can bind projects to sites and divide projects in categories. Users will view your portfolio, enter each project and study its content right on the website. The header introduces your full name, photo and contact details, which help get in touch with you. Call-to-action button will take people to the order-placing page and help you boost the amount of sales.

Where can I install it

You can integrate it in any page of the site or on all the web pages. Your marvelous responsive portfolio will have visitors’ attention published on the main website page and can provide visual support of your offers on Portfolio pages.

What benefits will it give me?

A marvelous collection of your works will prove all your high skills and creativity to your users. They will become eager to have the same and you will have new customers. More to that, thanks to the handy ways to get in touch with you, you will have more leads.

What do I need to install Portfolio on my website?

It only will take two minutes of your time to have the extension up and running. Integration process is super quick, free, and without-coding.

The module can be integrated in our service or on the marketplace. You can compare the advantages of both options and pick more suitable.


To have a clear understanding of the OpenCart Portfolio extension, discover the list of its essential traits. They make the module incredibly beneficial for your website:

  • Add multiple projects and add project titles;
  • Establish groups and unite projects to them;
  • Set the types of data to display in popup and hover;
  • The option to write descriptions and assign dates to the files in the project;
  • Active button on the header and in popup takes customers to any website.

Check a full list of features in our live demo

How to add the Portfolio extension to your OpenCart website

The below actions are the only thing you need in order to do to integrate the module.

  1. Acquire the extension and insert it to the store
    Define a desired version of the module and download its file. Next, install it to your website via «Extension Installer» in the administrator panel.
  2. Shape your own extension
    Open the «Extensions» section and apply search by module to find Portfolio. Now you can embed selected data and modify the templates and other interface settings. Get your installation code from the appearing notification. Copy this code.
  3. Add the extension to the website
    Go to the area you wish to add the module to and paste the copied code there.
  4. Done!
    Open your site, to view your results!

Still not decided? Or have questions to ask? Just a single request to our customer support team will help with every problem.

Create your OpenCart Portfolio for free!

You can manage the parameters in the demo to create a custom extension and display it on your website.


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