Magento File Embed extension

Add more than 20 file formats on your website for visitors to view or download
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Elfsight File Embed is the simplest and fastest widget for adding files to your site. You can add all widespread formats: PDF, Docx, Jpg, Pptx – in total around 20 formats. For your convenience, documents can be integrated by uploading, entering their URLs, or by choosing out of the list of the last uploaded. The features allow you to give every file your own title, upload an icon or preview picture, select files layout and more. Website visitors can read the files straight on the site, open them in a new browser tab, and download.

Where on my website can I insert this plugin

Feel free to display File Embed on each and every page of your website. Thus, it will help you demonstrate your technical documentation or guidelines on product pages, or show your diplomas and qualifications on landing page.

What are the benefits of having the widget for me?

This widget will keep you plenty of time, since with it, publishing docs in your website will take just seconds. Also, you can show a great deal of useful details about your offers and services to raise customers’ awareness of your items.

What do I need to add File Embed?

You only will need two minutes of time to start using the widget. Embedding is really swift, free, and coding-free.

  1. There’s an option to insert File Embed to your site right through our service. Just apply the short description hereafter on this page.
  2. Elfsight File Embed can be integrated through our service or through the marketplace. You can learn more details about these variants and pick yours.


In order to have a better idea of File Embed, look at the list of its primary functions. They make the widget incredibly effective for you:

  • Insert unlimited quantity of docs;
  • File Viewer layout variant for reading docs on the site;
  • The option to upload pictures for icons and previews;
  • Displaying or hiding away Download document text;
  • Six paintable elements of the interface.

Explore more features in live demo

Find out how to place the File Embed widget to your Magento site. It is unbelievably simple.

A couple of quick steps are the only thing you need to do.

  1. Obtain the extension
    Go to Magento marketplace, find the extension page and go to “Add to Cart”, to launch downloading. Enter your administrator panel of the website and activate the extension.
  2. Create a unique extension
    Include selected text content and adjust the interface of your File Embed. Receive your installation code from the appearing notification. Copy this code.
  3. Publish the extension on Magento site
    Pick the area you would like to embed the plugin to and paste the saved code there.
  4. Congratulations! You have just published the widget!
    Visit your site, to see your app!

Still doubt something? Or having troubles? Simply send a request to our customer service, our specialists will help with every issue.

Create File Embed effortlessly!

Right in the live demo, build up your unique widget and display it to your site.


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