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Top 30+ Event Calendar Templates for Websites

It’s time to become not only a productivity but a marketing guru with the carefully curated selection of Event Calendar templates for websites. Let everything go according to plan— get high conversions, organic traffic, more sales, and, of course, users’ attention!
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Interactive Calendar
Embed an engaging calendar on your website to make users feel longing to come back.
Create a handy calendar for your website to optimize a scheduling process.
Conference Agenda
Add an agenda to your website to showcase conference speakers’ schedules and session times.
Embed a church’s schedule on your website to spread the word about upcoming events and services.
Embed a calendar on your website to let users stay up-to-date about all your business' recurring events.
Grid Calendar
Add a professional look and structure to your website using a grid-formatted calendar.
Embed an agenda on your website to manage event schedules, speakers, and sponsors all in one place.
Create an event calendar for your website to make your restaurant the go-to destination.
Embed a calendar on your website to provide a seamless ticketing experience and generate more sales!
Create a calendar for your website to promote holiday events and Christmas activities.
Workshop Agenda
Create an intuitive agenda for your website to host workshops, training sessions, or per her educational events.
Sports Scheduler
Add a scheduler to your website to keep your sports team and fans on top of a game.
Create an intuitive doctor scheduler for your website to simplify booking appointments for patients.
Hotel Scheduler
Add a scheduler to your hotel business website for maintaining online reservations and promotion events.
Create a calendar for your website to manage yoga classes and keep your business running smoothly.
Embed a trainer scheduler on your website to streamline the fitness business.
Teacher Scheduling Calendar
Add a calendar to your website to let teachers manage schedules and share availability with students.
Embed a calendar on your website to make each day leading up to Christmas a fun experience for the consumers.
Add a marketing calendar to your website and stay on top of promotion campaigns.
Embed a calendar on your website to expand awareness about volunteer events and possibilities.
Schools Calendar
Create a universal calendar for your school website to simplify the workload.
Add a festive calendar to your website to spread holiday cheer and engage the audience.
University Calendar
Create a university calendar on your website for easy navigation and information sharing on campus.
Embed a customizable calendar on your website to keep students and faculty up-to-date on all academic events.
Add a mobile-friendly calendar to your website to keep users engaged even on the go.
Create the attention-grabbing calendar button that will follow users throughout the whole website page scrolling.
Calendar with Event List
Create a calendar for your website with an informative list of upcoming events.
Scrolling Calendar
Add a scrolling calendar and keep a continuous stream of events available for your website users to see.
Create a calendar for your website to let users countdown days ‘till the next big event.
Calendar Planner
Add a calendar planner to the website to help your audience stay on the same page.
Embed a scheduler on your website to simplify service management and availability.
Add a scheduler on your website to manage availability timing for efficient meetings.
Timetable Calendar
Create a calendar for your website to manage multiple time schedules.
Add a timeline on your website to help the audience stay excited about upcoming events.
Embed a calendar on your website to keep your business running smoothly.
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What Are Event Calendar Templates?

Event Calendar templates are a powerful way to take over the planning game and public advertisement for businesses of all sizing. Post any sort of event schedulers on the websites to keep your audience invested in upcoming news and updates.

Providing accurate and complete details is more than just relevant to these templates. Add, edit, and delete events with just a few clicks to keep your calendar up to date.

Another standout feature of Elfsight’s Event Calendar templates is their versatility. With a wide range of customizable options, you can tailor the design and functionality of your event calendar to suit your brand. From choosing different layouts and color schemes to adding custom event fields and filters—you have the needed control over the looks and functionality.

But it’s not just about the aesthetics. The Event Calendar templates will look great on any device, from desktops to mobile devices. Thanks for being fully responsive.

Give them a go and explore a tremendous collection of wisely cultivated templates available now!

How to Get Started with Event Calendar Templates?

With a few simple steps, you can have a professional-looking event calendar up and running on your website in no time. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get started using templates:

  1. Browse through various options in a catalog and select the perfect Event Calendar template that matches your website’s style and event requirements.
  2. Once you have decided on the template, you can press the Live Preview button and do some personalization: add event details, include a heading, modify a layout, choose a color scheme, and many more.
  3. Preview the finished results and save all the changes.
  4. Get the auto-generated installation code.
  5. Integrate the widget on your website page by pasting the code into the editor.
  6. Update your website and take a moment to appreciate the work you’ve done!

Get started today, and unlock the potential of efficient event organization with Elfsight!

Five Reasons Why To Use Event Calendar Templates

The Event Calendar templates offer a range of benefits, making them the perfect solution for any business owner. Here are five compelling reasons why you should choose Elfsight for all your event calendar needs:

  1. User-friendly design. Even with limited technical expertise, you can easily customize the calendar to match your website’s aesthetics and branding. With simplicity in mind, add numerous events with detailed descriptions, change dates, include locations, and customize the calendar’s layout, fonts, color, heading, etc.
  2. Easy integration. Within minutes, you can set up a stunning and professional-looking calendar on your existing website—no coding or programming knowledge is required. Plus, the Event Calendar templates are fully responsive and ensure non-stop work on any device: desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  3. Advanced Features. Start categorizing events, syncing a third-party calendar, including images, and even adding publicly posted videos directly to your website calendar! The templates support recurring events, allowing you to schedule happenings that repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.
  4. Customization options. You have complete control over the appearance and functionality of your event calendar, ensuring that it perfectly aligns with your event’s objectives and aesthetics.
  5. Superior support. Elfsight takes pride in offering exceptional customer support. If you encounter any issues or have questions using the Event Calendar template, our dedicated team is always ready to assist you.

The catalog of Event Calendar templates provides a user-friendly, customizable, and feature-rich solution which makes it a go-to choice for all your event needs. Check them out and take your event planning to new heights!

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