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Event Calendar Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Calendar and how they can help you create the most effective events widget.

Upcoming Events

Our widget is a perfect solution for displaying any event. Whether it’s a music festival, an exhibition, movies, drama show, performance, comedy – you can be sure your audience will be informed and get all the important details. It’s a highly effective tool for museums, convention centers, hotels and clubs as it allows you swiftly reveal maximum info on the upcoming activity.

Bars and restaurants events

With Elfsight Events Calendar you can easily create a visual of your activities and thus attract new visitors, promoting your business. Keep your audience updated with all the upcoming concerts and shows and get even more visitors.

Webinars, classes and educational events

Want to turn your messy lessons scope into organised list? Or maybe you’re planning a webinar series and want your visitors see the future events all gathered in one place? Then our widget is for you. It can even be used for demonstration of the university activities.

Sports matches

Keep your audience informed about upcoming matches. Add the date, location, event duration and an active button leading to the checkout page to let your users buy tickets. People can easily find the place as our widget features maps.

And many more

Providing some unique services? No doubt you can arrange a calendar right for your needs. Using flexible content options you can accommodate the widget for your type of activities like workshops, roadshows, courses and many more. The only thing that limits you here is your imagination.


Invite users to your one day or multiday events

The frequency of your events doesn’t matter – our calendar is a perfect solution for any type of event. Add one day or multiday activities and convince your visitors that they are always welcome. And don’t forget to mark the beginning and the end of the event.

Sort events by type, add locations and hosts

You can implement as many event categories as you need and assign a color for each one so it would be easier for users to find the events they are interested in. Don’t forget to reveal all the meaningful data on hosts and location so that your users won’t leave your website to get the info.

Add tags to clarify the picture

You can categorize all your events and assign them tags.Tags are used to specify the information, for example, the room number where the event is held, the floor, the name of the presenter, the music genre and so on. Use as many tags as you need and make the event search clearer for your audience.



Use a compact List with all the necessary information organized in chronological order. It’s a great option to demonstrate all the upcoming events gathered in one place in a convenient manner. Seeing the full list, users can easily decide which event to attend.

Grid & Masonry

Elfsight Events Calendar is provided with an option to form a grid of events. It’s a good choice for entertainment activities. And if you want to ensure an optimum position of reviews on the page, use Masonry layout which can will put reviews in optimal position depending on available vertical space. Let your users find what they like with the help of your upcoming events poster and visit your place.

Featured Events Slider

If you don’t want to show all the events at once or maybe haven’t got much to show yet, you can display them via Slider. It’s a perfect choice for the main page. Simply choose the events you want your audience to see first, form the sliderl, set arrows or drags for navigation, select sliding speed and pagination option.


Add filters for greater convenience

Our widget features four handy filters which make the event search much easier for users. They can sort events by date, type, location or host. You are free to add all the filters at once or switch them off, or choose the ones you need.

Choose event elements to display

There are six elements of the widget which can be added or switched off just in a click. All you have to do here is decide what suits you best. We offer adding an active button, photo or video, tags, time, location, event type info.

Use the language your audience speaks

All the calendar’s captions can be named the way you need, and you are free to choose the language here. Let your users feel at home.

Keep visitors attached

In case you’re not planning any events in the nearest future you can display a custom message saying you’ll be back soon with new interesting activities. Make your users feel you always care about them.


Paint all the elements to make a stunning calendar

Elfsight Events Calendar is fully adaptive so you can paint its elements with ease. Choose background color, paint the heading, add overlays and your widget will never look out of style.

Upload a background picture or choose its color

Create a stylish calendar section on your website choosing background color or image. You are free to choose between three background options.

All colors and shades of the popup elements

All the popup elements can be customized and coloured the way you like. And more than that we’ve got a smart coloring system which will adjust the color of text elements depending on the background color. You won’t have to pick colors yourself.

Customize the look of the events

Event elements can be painted as well. Choose background color, date text color, button color, and more. Pick your event style – let it be either clear pictures or thematic background images.

Filters and heading can be painted, too

Paint filters to make it easier for users to find events they’re interested in. You can also pick the color of the heading and the font size to make the integration of the widget absolutely seamless.


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