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HTML Event Calendar widget

Make your events easy to find using the simple Elfsight Calendar


HTML Event Calendar widget
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Embed Event Calendar with Elfsight Widget

The Elfsight Calendar code is a simple and powerful widget enabling you smoothly share your events with your audience. It includes plenty of options for showing upcoming events the most stately way. Customize it to combine the design with your website’s aesthetics. Form unlimited number of events, add different tags, upload your own pictures and videos, and keep your visitors updated about your schedule.

Events Calendar widget may help you swiftly promote your future activities and enlarge the engagement level on your website.

Main features of Event Calendar Widget

Our HTML calendar widget is designed to have plenty of useful functions. Check all the functional traits of HTML Event Calendar. They are available right in the editor and they will help you construct the widget exactly for your case.

  • Use adaptable content opportunities to encompass the Calendar widget for your type of events.
  • Give users an opportunity add your events to their favorite apps.
  • Generate various types of events, mark locations and add hosts.
  • Categorize all your events and assign them tags.
  • Choose between four layout options.

You can try all widget’s features straight in the demo

How can I embed Event Calendar code on my HTML website?

To activate widget, fulfill the guidelines below.

  • Create your simple Calendar widget
    In our free demo, get a plugin with a preferred layout and functional traits.
  • Receive the simple and individual code to publish the widget
    After you have generated your plugin, you will get the installation HTML code from the appeared notification on Elfsight Apps. Copy it.
  • Embed the widget code on your website
    Find the area you would like to reveal the plugin to and add the copied code there. Save the edits.
  • You’re done!
    Enter your website, to see your work.

Don’t think twice to reach Elfsight clients support should you need help or have queries. We will give a helping hand with every request.

What are benefits from adding the calendar to my website?

An interactive HTML event calendar widget generates awareness over the business of your organization. Also, it increases the popularity of your brand as you build more events. You are free to add your event calendar to all pages code of your HTML site or only on particular ones. The event plugin on your site also permits you to add more content for your website which is always a good sign for search engines. Those are always evaluating your site and when detecting new content, they rank your site as more appropriate and can increase chances of demonstrating your website when users perform an online search.

Besides events, embedding a calendar can add value to your site in the eyes of your clients. You can employ the event calendar to add more interaction among your clients. Just like a blog post, an event calendar is there to help you interact with your audience by helping them to sign up for particular events and what is more – be able to offer other events they want to attend. Adding such an option to show events on your HTML website is easy.

The best ways to use online calendar integration

We grant you tons of personalization opportunities: full length widgets for implementing in the content zone, floating plugins for scrolling options, layouts for the footer, header and all variations of vertical possibilities for sidebars and menus.

How do I create a Festival lineup or Convention center calendar with the help of your editor?

You can form any widget’s modifications. There are many layouts available in the editor, and all of them can be easily adjusted just the way you lack.

Contact our Help Center in case you have difficulties with the HTML calendar widget


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