OpenCart Cookie Consent extension

Arrange a prompt cookie-use announcement for website users, with text and agree button
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With Elfsight Cookie module, it’s become absolutely easy to notify users that your website applies cookies, through a moderate popup bar. Our widget allows you to show a custom text, add a link to your website usage terms and conditions, and add active buttons to request consent from visitors. You can select to display the widget as a bar or a responsive box and select the best location for it. In addition, the option to paint interface elements helps you make the widget look consistent and integrate well with the site general style concept.

Where on my website can I install it?

You can add the announcement on any page of your site or on all of the pages, it depends on where you need it. When a visitor opens the page, a notification will show.

How will I benefit from it?

The widget will help you create an instant cookie announcement without coding and maximum quickly. It features all popular European languages to provide comfortable user experience to your audience.

How do I have Cookie Consent?

It takes two minutes of time to set up the widget. Installation is extremely speedy, free, and without-coding.

The widget can be set up directly via our service or through the marketplace. You can view the advantages of both options and pick yours.


To get a clear understanding of the widget, you can look through the list of the primary traits. They make this widget incredibly efficient for your website:

  • Create announcement only or request a consent;
  • The option to write your own notification text with available formatting options and links;
  • Reveal or switch off a link to your cookie terms and conditions with custom link text;
  • Select Bar or Box layout type of the notification;
  • Set the color of buttons and link.

To explore more features, see demo

Discover how to embed the Cookie Consent to your OpenCart page

Simply apply the instructions below to integrate the widget on OpenCart.

  1. Make use of our free demo and start creating your custom widget.
    Find the preferred design and functional traits of the tool and save the corrections.
  2. Copy the unique code which is shown in the window on Elfsight Apps.
    As soon as the generation of your personal Cookie Consent extension is complete, copy the exclusive code in the appearing box and keep it for future use.
  3. Start using the tool on your OpenCart website.
    Place the code you’ve saved recently into your website and save the adjustments.
  4. The Setup is fully performed.
    Visit your page to take a look at how’s the tool operating.

Still have doubts? Or experiencing problems? Simply direct your detailed request to our customer service. We will help with any question.

Produce Cookie Consent totally free!

Use the demo to construct a widget for your OpenCart website and integrate it there.


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