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Elementor Contact Form widget
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Contact form for Elementor

Elfsight Contact widget for Elementor is a versatile tool that can help you meet all of your current demands for obtaining impressions and requests from visitors to your website. Whether you need to create an Elementor contact form free of charge, or a WordPress Elementor contact form with additional features, our widget can help you showcase the crucial components for filling out the form, find your preferred template, and design the interface to inspire your clients even more to leave requests for services your company offers. Our Form plugin is designed to meet your every need for collecting feedback and staying in touch with your clients.

Collect testimonials, get orders, and answer to the letters of the clients of your website!

Improve lead acquisition
Keep close in with your probable clients enabling them to message you by dint of Contact widget at any given time. A smaller number of lines will tend to have the highest conversion.

Rule out spam
Support only organic contacts with substantial Google reCAPTCHA tool safeguarding against spam and bots.

Get feedback easily
Make a remarkable Form plugin so that it could be freely found on your site pages encouraging your customers to give you feedback at any point they find it necessary.

Features of Contact form plugin

What makes our Contact Form the best plugin for receiving feedback and orders for WordPress? Check our main traits:

  • Set your own field labels;
  • Place any text you need before the form in the caption;
  • 5 visual field styles included: classic, flat, material, classic rounded, flat rounded;
  • Set a text to pop up after successful submission of the message
  • Seamless design which suits 99% sites out of the box;

Try all of traits in our configurator

How to create Contact Form for Elementor website

Follow instruction by Elfsight, to embed contact plugin to your website. You will not need competence in web development and average installation time is less than 80 seconds.

  1. Build your own Contact widget
    Using our free demo, set up a plugin with a custom design and functionality.
  2. Copy the personal code to display the plugin
    After you have generated your widget, you will get the individual code from the appeared notification on Elfsight Apps. Copy this code.
  3. Add the plugin to your Elementor website
    Select the area where you would like to display the plugin and paste the copied code there. Publish the edits.
  4. Done!
    Enter your store, to check your work.

While following the tutorial or setting up your contact form you experience any issues? Leave your inquiry at Elfsight help center with a thorough description of your problem, and our team will be happy to help.

Are Elfsight Forms secure?

Elfsight Form Builder is integrated with the most powerful reCAPTCHA safety service. It is here to preserve your form and mailbox against spam and bots and guarantee smooth work and only valuable data.

Are there templates supporting Conditional Logic Forms / Multiple fields forms / Emails?

Sure thing! All you are to do is log in to the Elfsight Apps and select any relevant template, and then start forming your custom widget.

Which way to build a contact or feedback form for my Elementor site?

To form your contact or feedback form, you have to log in to the Elfsight Apps website and perform all the necessary changes to the plugin. After you’re done, save your edits and proceed to the site. Simple as that.

How can I add Contact Form to my Elementor website without coding skills?

Elfsight provides a SaaS solution that lets you create a Contact Form widget yourself, see how easy the process is: Work directly in the online Editor to create a Contact Form widget you would like to see on your Elementor website. Pick one of the premade templates and adjust the Contact Form settings, add your content, change the layout and color scheme without coding skills. Save the Contact Form and copy its installation code, that you can simply embed in your Elementor website with no need to buy a paid plan. With our intuitive Editor any internet user can create Contact Form widget online and easily embed it to their Elementor website. There’s no need to pay or enter your card credentials in order to access the service. If you face any issues at any step, please feel free to contact our technical support team.

Do you have any ready-to-use Contact Form templates for the Elementor website?

Yes, there is a vast selection of 300+ templates to save time making a form from scratch. Check out Contact Form templates for any occasion and find the one that fits your expectations.


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