Wix Click to Call app

The easiest method for website users to phone you


Elfsight Click To Call is an easy widget for any website, that makes it easy for your visitors to start a phone call to your number. When users browse your site on mobile phones, the widget will automatically dial the assigned number, when a person clicks on the phone icon. When viewed from PCs and tablets, the click reveals your number on the page to help users phone you instantly. You can not just reveal the number, but also to show the call window, which includes the name and image of the contact person and a caption. All the elements are flexible, which allows you to have various looks of the interface. There’s also an option to define a trigger that shows the phone bubble and choose a category of visitors for whom it will appear.

Where can I publish Call app

You can add the widget on whatever page of the site or on all the web pages. In the widget settings, there’s a feature to add the URLs of separate pages where you need to enable the widget. Or apply Exclude option and enter the URLs of the pages where you want to limit displaying of the widget.

How would I benefit from app?

You can entice more phone calls from website visitors having quick and handy way of calling you on the phone, without leaving the website. It may contribute to having more of personal communications and turn users into new purchases. Besides, you can collect your database of leads.

How can I get Click to Call on my site?

It takes one minute of your time to embed the widget. It is extremely fast, free, and doesn’t take coding.

You can introduce widget to your website via our service. Just apply the guide below on this page.


In order to shape a better knowledge of the widget, discover the list of its major features. They make this widget maximum efficient for your business:

  • Fast dialing on mobile devices;
  • Select one of options of widget position: Left or Right floating or custom;
  • The option of placing widget on specific web pages or to exclude pages;
  • 3 groups of users to show the widget to: all, new, or returning only;
  • Four inbuilt widget triggers: time on the page, time on the website, scrolling amount, or exit intention.

To get to know more features, see our live demo

Here’s how to embed the Click To Call app to your Wix website

A couple of easy steps are the only thing you need in order to have Click to Call activated.

  1. Design your own Call app
    By means of our free demo, set up a plugin with a preferable design and functions.
  2. Copy the personal code to display the plugin
    After you have configured your widget, you will acquire the individual code from the appearing window on Elfsight Apps. Copy it for later use.
  3. Display the plugin on your Wix website
    Find the place you wish to display the plugin to and paste the saved code there. Apply the changes.
  4. Done!
    Visit your website, to see your Click To Call.

Still doubt something? Or stumbled upon anything? Simply write a request to our customer service. Our specialists will settle every trouble.

Produce Click to Call easily!

You can customize the widget in a couple of clicks and add it to your website right from the demo.


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