Click to Call Button for ModX

An instant tool of dialing your number
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Elfsight Call Now Button is the easiest widget for a site, which makes it easier for your clients to start a phone call to you. Viewed from mobile, the widget will automatically dial the assigned number, as soon as a person clicks the phone bubble. On PCs and tablets, the click shows your phone number on the page to help users start a call instantly. It’s possible not just to show your number, but also to configure the call window with the name and image of the customer contact person and a custom text. All the call window elements are flexible and allow creating you to have various looks of the interface. You can also define a trigger, which activates the phone bubble and select a category of users for whom it will show.

Where can I add Call widget

You can paste Elfsight Click To Call on any page of your website or on all the pages. In the Call Button settings, there’s a feature to add the URLs of selected pages on which you need to do to embed Click To Call the widget. Alternatively, you can use Exclude option and enter the URLs of the pages where you need to prohibit showing the widget.

How would I benefit from Call widget?

You can start receiving more calls from potential customers having Immediate and simple way of calling you, without leaving the site. It may help you get more of personal conversations and turn users into customers. In addition, you can collect your client base of leads.

How do I install widget?

It will take three minutes of time to set up. Integration is extremely swift, free, and coding-free.

The widget can be inserted through our service or through the marketplace. Here you can learn more about these options and pick yours.


In order to form a full idea of Click to Call, view the list of its most outstanding features. They make the widget maximum effective for your website:

  • One-click dialing on mobiles;
  • Three options of widget position: Left or Right floating or custom;
  • The option to show widget on specific pages or to exclude web pages;
  • Three types of users for whom the widget will appear: all, new, or returning only;
  • Four widget triggers: time spent on the page, time spent on the website, scroll amount, and exit intent.

Our demo will show more features to you

How to add the Click To Call Button into your ModX site

A couple of simple steps are the only thing you need to do.

  1. Make use of our free editor and start building your custom-made extra.
    Determine the desirable look and specifications of the extra and apply all the edits.
  2. Get your personal code which appears in the window on Elfsight Apps.
    Right after the customization of your extra is over, copy your code in the emerged box and keep it for further use.
  3. Initiate employment of the extra on your ModX web page.
    Embed the code copied recently in your web page and apply the edits.
  4. Done! The embedding is successfully accomplished.
    Open your webpage to view the functioning of the extra.

Still not sure? Or have queries? Simply direct a request to our support team will resolve any trouble.

Design ModX Call Button maximum fast!

You can apply custom the settings in the demo to construct a custom widget and embed it on your site.


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