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Magento Call Button extension
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Elfsight Call Now Button is the easiest plugin for a site, which makes it faster for your users to start a phone call. When users browse your site on mobile, the plugin dials your number, when a person clicks the phone icon. On PCs and tablets, the click will show your phone number on the site to help users dial it straight ahead. It’s possible to not just demonstrate the number, but also to show the call window with the name and picture of the contact person and a caption. All these elements are switchable and allow you to get any variant of the interface. There’s also a feature to set a trigger which activates the phone bubble and set a category of visitors for whom it will be active.

Where can I install it

You can add it on any page of the website as well as on all the pages. In the plugin settings, you can insert the URLs of the pages on which you need to do to embed Click To Call the plugin. Alternatively, you can use Exclude feature and insert the URLs of exact pages where you choose to prohibit displaying the plugin.

How do I benefit from this plugin?

You can start receiving more phone calls from users having fast and handy way to get in touch with you, without leaving the website. This can help you get more of personal conversations and convert users into new purchases. Also, you can collect your database of leads.

How can I add Call Button to my Magento website?

It will take just a minute of your time to start using the plugin. Integration is very fast, free, and without-coding.

Elfsight Call plugin can be integrated on our service or through the marketplace. You can see more details both options and select a more suitable.


In order to get a better idea of Call, examine the list of its most outstanding traits. They make this plugin maximum effective for your business:

  • Fast phone calls on mobiles;
  • Choose one of 3 variants of widget position: Left or Right floating or custom;
  • The option to demonstrate widget on specific web pages or excluding pages;
  • Choose variants of users to see the widget: all, new, and returning;
  • Four widget triggers: time on the page, time on the site, scrolling position, or exit intention.

Live demo will open more features to you

How to add the Call Button plugin to your Magento site

A couple of simple steps are the only thing you need to do.

  1. Open our free configurator and start building your own extension.
    Find the desirable design and functional traits of the extension and apply all the edits.
  2. Acquire your individual code popping up in the window on Elfsight Apps.
    As soon as the generation of your extension is done, copy the individual code in the appeared popup and keep it for future occasion.
  3. Initiate employment of the extension on Magento site.
    Embed the code saved before in your site and apply the modifications.
  4. You’re done! The embedding is successfully ended.
    Open your site to examine how’s the extension working.

Still unsettled? Or experiencing problems? Simply direct a request to our support team. They will help with every issue.


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