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WordPress Cost Calculators for website

Browse our coding-free Cost Calculators templates for accurate estimations on various services and projects on your WordPress website. They are designed to empower businesses of all sizes with precise cost and transparent pricing. From planning events, computing college expenses, renovating homes, and arranging wedding photography packages—you can help users make informed decisions and stay within budget.
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Embed a calculator template on a website to estimate the price of installing a solar energy panel system.
Add a calculator plugin to a website to let users plan printing projects with precision and cost in mind.
Add a calculator template to generate accurate quotes in seconds based on your products, price, and website customer information.
Adding measurement precision for pricing policy on a website is easy with this calculator template.
Embed a calculator widget to help website users plan the costs of road trips using the rental car.
Create a calculator plugin to enable website users to anticipate cleaning expenses accurately and plan budgets.
Add a calculator template to a website and empower users to estimate construction project prices.
Embed a calculator template on a website to provide instant cost estimates for window replacement or installation.
Create a calculator template to enable website users to forecast event cost expenses and make strategic decisions.
Adding a calculator widget to a website helps users get costs for house painting services and plan their budget.
Embedding a calculator plugin on a website helps revolutionize home renovation cost planning for online customers.
Creating a calculator widget for a website provides instant cost estimates for interior design services.
Add a calculator to your website to enhance screen printing projects with this ready-to-use template.
Embed a calculator on a website to offer pricing for various photography services with this coding-free widget.
Create a calculator plugin to unlock the secret formula for profitable product price on your website.
Embed a calculator plugin on a website to set optimal prices with a markup percentage for your products.
Embed a calculator plugin on a website to elevate university accessibility and support students with net prices.
Create custom T-shirts that fit your website users' budget with this pricing calculator widget.
Adding a quick way to calculate the cost of towing services for cars to a website is easy with this calculator plugin.
Embedding a calculator widget on a website helps you share the costs of your video production services transparently.
Creating pristine carpet cleaning services and sharing true costs on a website is simple with this calculator widget.
Add a calculator plugin to a website to bake delightful treats and cakes with precision prices.
Embed a calculator template on a website to create memorable events and stay within a budget for your customers.
Create a calculator template for your website to determine accurate shipping costs based on distance and rates.
Add a calculator plugin to a website to streamline courier operations and provide transparent pricing to customers.
Embed a calculator template on a website to compute the total cost of your customers' moving experience.
Create a calculator template for a website to deliver the cost of roof repairs, considering the clients' preferences.
Adding a quote calculator plugin is a way for website users to make their wedding day more special with great photography.
Embedding a calculator widget can help website users plan higher education at a college with all the costs.
Creating a calculator widget for a website is the way to get to know the real net price and estimate college costs after financial aid.
Add a net calculator widget to a website to empower prospective students with affordable college prices.
Adding a calculator widget to a website helps determine the cost of your meetings based on hourly rates and attendance.
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You can easily assemble the widget you need using our simple-to-use configurator.

Why is Elfsight WordPress Cost Calculator the best?

Streamline complex mathematical functions, enable users to make informed choices, and enhance their browsing experience on your WordPress website by leveraging the coding-free Cost Calculator templates from Elfsight. Configure the Calculator widget parameters and add business-specific formulas, then swiftly generate the embed piece of code to get it running. Boost the feature with precise and efficient computations, ensuring an exceptional performance for your visitors!

Why Elfsight Cost Calculators are the Best?

WordPress Cost Calculators Features and Integrations

Multiple Calculation Fields
Calculation Formulas Support
Conditional Logic
Multiple Measurement Formats
Personalized Header
Custom Results Section
Animated Elements
Advanced Design Customization
Custom CSS Editor
Custom JavaScript Editor
Tech-Free Customization
Mobile Responsiveness
Page-Speed Friendly Lazy Loading
Fast Website Integration

How to add Cost Calculator to WordPress website

In order to add the Cost Calculator to your WordPress website page, complete the brief guideline:

  1. Sign in to your Elfsight profile.
  2. Receive the unique installation code.
  3. Open your WordPress website editor.
  4. Insert the code and save the changes. Done!

Please get in touch with the Elfsight Support Team for further support.


Can I embed the Cost Calculators without coders?

Certainly! Elfsight’s widgets are made for user-friendliness, removing the requirement for support from a developer or third-party coding tool. Consequently, in a nutshell, you can conveniently add the Cost Calculators with the pre-generated line of code supplied by our team.

Can I add my calculation formula to the Calculator widget?

Yes, certainly! The widget empowers you to leverage diverse custom formulas for your computations. For a thorough understanding of how to work with formulas and functions, delve into our detailed tutorial.

What website builders and CMS are compatible with the Cost Calculators besides WordPress?

You can use our plugins on almost any website builder, with a compatibility rate of 99.9%. Here are the most common ones:

Squarespace, Wix, HTML, Webflow, Shopify, Elementor, Google Sites, GoDaddy, iFrame, and many others.

On what WordPress website pages can I add the Cost Calculators?

There are no guidelines for the placements. You can strategically position the widget in areas where it enriches the user experience and aligns with your WordPress website’s content and services. Nonetheless, here are a few usual areas: the homepage, item listings, blog articles, contact page, and FAQ page.

Can I customize the Cost Calculator template for WordPress websites?

Definitely! Count on the thorough personalization of the widget to match your business website’s key objective. Adjust the formula components, customize the field looks, outline the result section, and then proceed to select the color scheme, font styles, dimensions, and number formats.

Are the Cost Calculator templates mobile-friendly?

Absolutely, they are! The Cost Calculator templates are designed to work seamlessly on all devices: smartphones, personal computers, laptops, and tablets. Elfsight creates all the WordPress widgets to be responsive to diverse screen dimensions without compromising functionality.