Yottie Version 2.1.0 – New Admin Features, UI Changes and More

After a huge and awesome update 2.0.0 of our 5-star rated YouTube Channel Plugin Yottie, it’s time to move on. We continue developing new features for our plugin and improve user experience so it’s time to present a new pack of add-ons. Please, welcome Yottie 2.1.0!
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Yottie Version 2.1.0 – New Admin Features, UI Changes and More

Yottie 2.1.0 Change Log

We’ve updated both jQuery and WordPress versions of Yottie in order to increase plugin’s quality and functionality. We’ve fixed several issues, namely:

  • Responsive bug
  • Widget doesn’t recalculate rows in responsive mode bug
  • Previous arrow doesn’t show on the second slide for the first time bug
  • Private browsing bug

There are also changes made in WP version:

  • Admin UI appearance

Moreover, the newest version has the following new features, which relates to the user admin panel:

  • Ability to duplicate gallery
  • Copy shortcode button
  • Ability to hide source groups

Let’s settle on several major changes of the current update so that you can easily check new benefits of our YouTube plugin.

Ability to Duplicate Gallery

This option will be useful for anyone, who have already spent a significant amount of time customizing the YouTube plugin so that it fits the website perfectly. Now you’d like to add one more gallery to another page of your site, but want to change just a few things in it. The new button will simplify the task. Visit your WordPress admin panel, choose “Galleries” tab in Yottie and you will see the following screen.

Yottie Admin Duplicate Option
Duplicate your gallery right from the admin panel

For now, you don’t have to create a new gallery and proceed the customization process from the very beginning. You can just duplicate any of your created galleries in WP admin panel. By clicking on the button, a new gallery will be opened with parameters you set in the previous YouTube playlist.

For example, Yottie allows you to use the same design, which you managed for another gallery, and to change only sources. You will get a new gallery with the same appearance but with a new content. Don’t forget to save your new gallery so as not to lose all progress.

Customization process of Yottie plugin has become easier due to the “Duplicate” option.

Copy Shortcode Button

After you create a new YouTube gallery, it will be displayed in available galleries in the “Galleries” tab. You can get its shortcode at any time, but previously there was no special sign that you can actually copy the shortcode. In the latest version 2.1.0 we’ve added a copy button in order to correct the situation.

Yottie Admin Shortcode Copy

Copy the shortcode of your gallery easily and quickly

Press the Copy Button and your shortcode will be copied to clipboard and you will be able to insert the gallery in any place of the website.

Ability to Hide Source Groups

This option relates to the source tab in Yottie. Our YouTube plugin allows you to set any desired channel and also create custom video groups composed from various channels, playlists and single videos.

In older versions of our plugin there will be a mess of groups if you add too many of them or set a lot of sources in each group. In order to navigate easily through video groups we’ve added expanding arrows.

Hide Video Groups Button

Expand or hide video groups during Yottie customization

For now, you can hide groups, which you’ve already adjusted, and handle easily with the remaining content in your admin panel.

Get Your Latest Version of Yottie

Check your Yottie and be sure to use the latest version!

There are tons of work behind each update. We strive to create the best YouTube Channel Plugin, which will meet any requirement. Our newest improving version is only one of further updates. There are still a lot of features, which we are going to implement in further versions.

Don’t forget to leave comments about your thoughts concerning this update and our product as a whole. Moreover, if you have any idea what should be improved in Yottie then reach us via Elfsight Support Center. We will consider them and get in touch with you.

We do our best to deliver the great-performing YouTube plugin!

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