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Introducing Shoppable Instagram App for Shopify: Convert Pics into Cash

Elfsight sees its goal in creating plugins that develop your business. This aspiration encourages us to present awesome products. And today we are ready to introduce you the ultimate Instagram-based solution for your Shopify store. Please, welcome Shoppable Instagram app from Elfsight.
Check the hottest Shopify app from Elfsight!

We strive to provide Shopify users with the highest-quality app that will be able to improve their sales. So that it will come in handy for anyone who aims at selling products via his own Instagram profile. It becomes possible with our Shoppable Instagram feed. Just choose any Instagram photo and make it shoppable in your store.

Create Your Online Store with Shopify

Shopify is a comprehensive service for anyone who catches an idea of selling some goods on the Internet. More than 300 000 people use the service each day and sell their products worldwide. If you haven’t yet decided how to enter eCommerce business, take a closer look at Shopify.

The Canadian service has lots of advantages. Here are the most important ones:

Shopify Logo
  • Complete control over the appearance of your store
  • Vast marketplace with useful apps for all occasions
  • Easily run all business on one platform
  • Ability to manage stores from mobile devices
  • Easy and clear UI for site owners

So, yeah. Shopify is worth installing in order to become a sole trader. And great service requires great apps. That’s why let’s proceed to the brand-new Elfsight Shoppable feed!

Instagram Photos That Will Make Money for You

Our plugin serves effectively and hits the main target – your customer. Shoppable Instagram plugin for Shopify will give you’re the following opportunities:

  • Draw attention to social photos in your store
  • Tag products and allow customers to shop your Instagram posts
  • Redirect visitors to the desired product’s page and convert them into satisfied clients
  • Persuade to buy here and now by using New, Sale and Bestseller labels
Shoppable Instagram app is the best at what it does. And what it does is profitable.

Online audience will definitely catch the sight of your shoppable Instagram feed. No one can pass by its fetching appearance. Just tag items in each eye-catching photo and customize gallery’s UI. Then your potential customers will be able to explore products through the feed.

Shoppable Instagram Feed Preview

Moreover, give people true emotions from using your products. Show items in action and promote brand’s lifestyle through products. The shopping Instagram app will do the rest and display a “Buy” button right in the Shoppable widget. In a word, create a thought of “OMG, I want this too!”

All-New, All-Customizable Features

Our Shoppable Instagram feed is truly flexible. It includes lots of customizable parameters for the best user experience. Make manual changes in your Instagram gallery. Yep, you will be able to adjust whatever you want:

  • Customizable Look
    Adjust gallery’s sizes and colors for the best customers experience in your online store.
  • Adjustable Price Tags
    Show prices of the desired items after clients open any image in popup. Make them shop Instagram app!
  • Status Info of Products
    Is your item on sale now? Or maybe it is in trend? Display this alongside the product list in popup.
  • Social Sharing Buttons
    Expand your presence in Instagram and increase popularity. Clients will be able to share the liked photo in popular networks.
  • Product Previews on Hover
    Let customers check tagged products by hovering on any image. Moreover, increase conversion with the built-in CTA.
Shoppable Instagram Feed Features

Sell not just a product. But a whole new look which anyone would want. Our Shoppable Instagram feed will increase an average order amount. Link several products to a post and entice customers to buy more than one item.

Premium Support for Our Customers

We aim at developing the best solutions on the market. Therefore, when you purchase Elfsight product be sure that you’ll also get:

  • Fast and effective support
  • New versions with useful features
  • The highest quality of the selected item

Our developers are ready to help you with any issue that arises in your plugin. Just submit a ticket in Elfsight Support Center. The answer will come in 24 hours.

Get Shoppable Feed and Boost Sales

Grab Your Shoppable App for free!

Hey, psst… Keep it between us – Elfsight Shoppable Instagram app is waiting for you! Note that our app is in beta right now.

Thus, we’d like to collect more user feedbacks and give our customers a chance to use it for free while it’s in the test mode. But you can already use all features for free and make money with your social profile.

Yes, one more thing! Your opinions and reviews are important for us. Let us know your impression from Shoppable feed for Shopify. Leave a comment below or rate the widget on the marketplace 😉

Shoppable Instagram Feed Description
  • Milos Dana

    How I made my Shopify shopping site to become Instagram-shoppable-ready…I made this out of frustration due to lack of a detailed & clear Shopify & Instagram support.

    To my experience with iPhones, the mariage between those 2 work with iPhone5 and +. No, it will not work on iPhone4 or less.

    1. Create FB buisness account (secret code: PITA: pain in the….) on FB

    2. Using iPhone 5 +, log in to Instagram account -> Options (gear) -> switch to Business Profile

    3. In your Shopify store make sure you selected Instagram sales channel and all your products are added to it

    4. Wait for at least 2 days for the Instagram approval…(might take longer if their support sleeps until 4 PM he he he)

    5. Once you get confirmaton inside of your Shopify store -> upload some of your Web site product images form your site to your iPohne image libaray. I’ve been using a lot iCloud/images on my desktop PC: copy & paste from desktop to my iCloud images section instead of painfully trying to save using iPhone

    6. Ha! 1st product to sell -> Sign to your Instagram account -> go to Options (gear) -> Select SHOPPING -> Products (no, you will NOT see your products listed, but don’t panic….)

    7. On your Instagram account home page, tap on SHOP – > tap to a product image from your iPhone photo library

    8. Go through unitl you are prompted to tag it -> so enter a tag

    9. Select TAG A PRODUCT underneath the photo -> Select product from a list of available products

    NOTE: you may wait up to several days unitl Instagram list all your products, trasfer can be that slow…

    10. SEND -> verify if it is shoppable on your iphone : when you tap on it it should forward to your Shopify product’s page

    NOTE: Your product will be shoppoble only on cell phones! If you log in to your Instagram account on a desktop/laptp/Mac they won’t be shoppable, just plain “old-fashined” static Instagram images.

    Check it our on your smartphone: https://www.instagram.com/freephonestuffnet/

    Or visit: https://TopPhoneStuff.com

    Hope this will help someone.