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Enjoy the simplest tool to set up age verify popup on the site
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Our widget is the best way to arrange a page load notification, which asks for the age of a visitor. The widget helps make age-restricted material reachable for full-aged users and protect it for the underage audience. The widget allows to determine the age restriction, choose verification format, place the window on all website or just a number of pages, and select the action. The interface is flexible, it includes paintable details and the feature to upload your own pictures.

Where can I insert it

You can either demonstrate the verification window on all website or specify the pages to display it. Plus, there’s the feature of excluding the pages where you don’t need it.

What are the benefits of having this plugin for me?

Using our widget, it’s maximum easy and quick to show an age verifying window and divert access to your content for underage users. Thus, you will be sure your site is compliant with the legislation. Also, this will bring more target audience and valid customers.

What do I need to add Age Verification on my site?

It only will take just three minutes of time to activate the widget on your site. The process is very fast, free, and doesn’t take coding.

Elfsight Age Verification can be added to your site through our service or by going to the marketplace. Here you can learn more about these variants and choose yours.


In order to form a better understanding of the widget, view the list of its major features. They make our widget maximum efficient for you:

  • Pick one of check formats: asking for full birthdate, just the year of birth, or a question offering Yes and No answers;
  • The option to remember visitors for any period of time;
  • Two scenarios after access denial: to display a text or direct a user to any address;
  • Load your own image to show on the age-check popup;
  • Display additional text with links under the verification button.

Live demo will reveal all features to you

Check how to embed the Age Verification to your OpenCart website. It is unbelievably simple

The below steps are the only thing you need in order to add the widget.

  1. Obtain the extension and add it to the website
    Choose a required version of the widget and get its file. After that, add it to your website via «Extension Installer» in the administrator panel.
  2. Shape your own extension
    Visit the «Extensions» section and apply search by module to open Age verification. Now you can enter selected data and adjust the design. Get your personal code from the appeared notification. Copy it for further use.
  3. Publish the extension on the store
    Go to the area you would like to reveal the module to and paste the saved code there.
  4. You’re done!
    Go to site, to see your extension!

Still have doubts? Or experience queries? Simply write a request to our customer support department and they will settle every issue for you.

Shape Age Verification with ease!

Use this demo to construct a widget for your OpenCart site and integrate it there.


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