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Enjoy the fastest tool for embedding age verification popup on your site.
Official app for Jumpseller
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Elfsight widget will be the best tool to get a popup which checks the age of a visitor. Our widget makes your age-limited material available for users of full age and hide away it from the underage visitors. You can specify correct age limitation, pick verification format, insert the popup on all or only specific pages, and the scenario. The look is easily customized with paintable details and the option to upload custom images.

Stay sure your website meets legal requirements.

The central widget features contain:

  • Pick one of verification formats: request for full birthdate, just the birth year, or a question with Yes and No options;
  • Choose to remember a visitor for any period of time in days;
  • Two possible scenarios after access denial: to show a text or direct a user to another address;
  • Upload a custom picture for displaying on the verification popup;
  • Provide detailed information with links under the verification button.

Simply check this demo to understand the functionality of the widget

How do I add Age Verification on my Jumpseller site?

Just apply the instructions below to embed the tool.

  1. Perform our free configurator and start forming your custom-made instrument.
    Determine the preferred interface and characteristics of the plugin and save the corrections.
  2. Get the individual code which is shown in the special form on Elfsight Apps.
    Right after the configuration of your widget is complete, copy the personal code in the appeared window and save it for later occasion.
  3. Get started with using the plugin on your Jumpseller homepage.
    Add the code you’ve saved recently into your page and save the adjustments.
  4. The installation is successfully performed.
    Go to your website to see how’s the widget running.

On condition of confronting inquiries or running over any problems, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team. Our people will be excited to help you with all the issues you may have with the product.

Have no hesitation to make up personalized Jumpseller Age Verification!

Customise it and embed the widget into your page using active demo


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