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OpenCart Visitor Counter Extension

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OpenCart Visitor Counter Extension
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Visitor Counter for OpenCart is an uncomplicated extension which lets you control your number of visitors and the most popular pages viewed within particular term of time. Basic statistics are now easy to monitor without extra knowledge of coding or data analytics. Moreover, you can easily ensure the visitors you are a respectable company and get much more new clients or subscribers. With our user-tailored stylish opportunities and handy layouts, you can embed the extension into your website just in a click.

Make your e-commerce plan more successful with Visitor Counter!

Below are central features of the widget:

  • Easy to use with no professional competence of analytics and coding required
  • A broad variety of periods of time to track your stats
  • Convenient layouts to organise all counters the most practical way
  • Light, Dark and Customizable color schemes to make the tool stylish the tool
  • Configure the font size and weight
  • Easy to integrate even for non-tech users

Just try out this demo to understand the functionality of the extension.

How to embed Visitor Counter module to my OpenCart site?

Just apply the instructions below to start using the extension:

  1. Make use of our free editor and start shaping your unique extension.
    Find the selected form and functionality of the extension and save all the modifications.
  2. Acquire your unique code revealed in the special form on Elfsight Apps.
    Right after the generation of your personal extension is over, copy the personal code from the appeared popup and save it for later need.
  3. Enter on using the extension on your OpenCart site.
    Implement the code you’ve saved recently in your page and apply the improvements.
  4. Done! The embedding is successfully performed.
    Go to your webpage to examine the functioning of the extension.

On condition of experiencing inquiries or confronting some obstacles, please get in touch with our customer service team. Our people are eager to help you with all the difficulties you may have with the widget.

How to embed a Visitor Counter to my OpenCart with no coding experience?

Elfsight company offers a solution that enables a wide audience to form a Visitor Counter section yourself, learn how easy it is: Work right in the online Demo to create a Visitor Counter plugin you would like to add on OpenCart web page. Select one of the ready-made templates and change the Visitor Counter settings, include your content, switch the layout and colors without any coding skills. Click to save the Visitor Counter and obtain the code for installation, that you can readily embed in any OpenCart homepage without buying a paid version. With the easy-to-use Configurator any internet user can establish a Visitor Counter plugin and effortlessly paste it to the OpenCart site. It’s not necessary to pay or submit your card credentials to access our Editor. If you face any obstacles of any kind, please don’t hesitate to talk to our support team.


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