Why your Squarespace website is down

There are lots of reasons why your Squarespace website won’t load. In this article we’ll provide you with some troubleshooting tips to bring your website back online.

Check status.squarespace.com

Sometimes, your website can be down due to some systemwide issue that the Squarespace team is fixing. You can get all the current info at @SquarespaceHelp on Twitter or by visiting the Status page. Also, there’s an opportunity to subscribe to updates via SMS.

In case all Squarespace services are working correctly, proceed to the issues described below.

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Make sure it’s not a domain issue

If your website after you’ve entered your custom domain, open it with the help of your built-in domain, ending in .squarespace.com. If it works, there must be some issue with your custom domain.

What to do if your domain is managed by a third-party provider

  • First, you’ve got to make sure your DNS settings are correct. To do it, open Domains in the Settings panel. There you’ll see the list of your domains. To view settings for the domain you need, click it. Domain settings may be marked with green or red, depending on what Squarespace is seeing from your provider.
  • It would also be great to contact your provider and check their status page to make sure they’re not experiencing some downtime as some issues on their end may cause problems with your domain.
  • In case you’ve connected your domain recently, wait for 72 hours.

What to do if you’ve registered your domain through Squarespace

  • Go to your DNS settings and confirm that your domain has records labeled Website Defaults. If not, add them using the Website Defaults preset.
  • Verify your domain if it’s been recently registered or if you’ve changed the contact info. If you don’t do it within 15 days, it will be temporarily suspended.

Reactivating your expired website

If your website expired, then you’ll see a message with this info when you visit it from any of your domains. In most cases, sites expire when a provider can’t authorise automatic payment or the auto-renew has been disabled.

To reactivate your website, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your website using Owner Login.
  • Update your billing credit card.
  • Select your billing plan and then reactivate.

What to do if wrong site is appearing

You are free to create multiple Squarespace websites in one account. This may cause some problems with mixing up the domains attached to each one. As a result, you may think your website isn’t working, which actually isn’t the case.

If you see the wrong site load at your custom domain, then you have to move the domain to the right site. But if this situation occurs when you go to your built-in domain, follow these easy steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Log in to your website.
  2. Open the Home menu, then scroll down to your profile picture or initials.
  3. You’ll see a grid displaying all of your sites that are connected to your profile.
  4. Choose the site you need.
  5. Click the site’s thumbnail to open its login page.

Contact the support team

In case the guide wasn’t of any help and your website is still not loading, then contact the support center specialists.

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