Squarespace marketing

Squarespace offers lots of marketing automation tools that will be of a great help for those website owners who begin working on their marketing strategy. Using these tools, you’ll be able to drive more traffic to your Squarespace site and grow your business. 

Before you begin, keep in mind that site owners with administrator and reporting permissions have access to the marketing panel and all the tools helping to automate their work. Now let’s dive into the list of helpful tips on building your marketing strategy with Squarespace tools. 

What Is SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of working on improving some website’s or piece of content rankings in search engines. SEO also denotes organic ranking, which means you don’t have to pay any money to appear on SERP. To put it simply, search engine optimization stands for taking some piece of content and then optimizing it for search engines so that they could demonstrate it at the top of the page when a user performs a search related to this topic.

This may not seem like a really uneasy job, but it’s extremely important for your Squares[ace website to rank high in search engines like Google as nowadays, according to studies, around 75% of searches start on Google. 

As a part of your marketing strategy for your Squarespace website, you can try to improve your rankings by using the following tools:

  • As you prepare your Squarespace website for publishing, look through the SEO checklist to optimize it properly so that it could take a good position on the market. 
  • Help google see and index your Squarespace website by verifying it through Google Search Console.
  • Help people looking for similar topics that your website aimed at find you by adding keywords to the content on your website.

Also, look through our comprehensive guide on SEO for Squarespace websites and improve your site’s search rankings by following its easy steps. 

Start collecting leads

Growing a community around your Squarespace website is also a very important step of your marketing strategy. You can use Squarespace built-in tools to share the following things:

  • Share your business’ news, promote some giveaways or offers, motivate users to sign up to your email newsletter, using promo pop-ups or any other announcement bars.
  • Apply the Squarespace mobile information bar to demonstrate your business info on your mobile site. 

And if you’re considering starting an email campaign, let’s see how you can do it.

What is email marketing

Email marketing is still about the most powerful marketing strategies providing you with lots of tools even though it’s really not new. Email is a great marketing channel, a form of direct marketing that uses email to promote all sorts of businesses. By using this tool, you can help your customers see the latest updates on your website like offers and products by integrating it into your marketing automation work. 

Email marketing is also there to help you start using lead generation, uplevel the brand awareness, keep clients involved and interested with your content - all these strategies are available through simple email.

Here are the main benefits of the email marketing for your Squarespace site:

  • It’s one of the most cost-effective tools on the market.
  • You can use Squarespace email marketing to build relationships with your audience.
  • Email can help you drive traffic to your Squarespace site or blog. 
  • You can target precisely the users who are really interested in your offers.
  • You can easily run A/B tests to find out what email marketing strategy really works for you.

Keep in mind that a successful Squarespace marketing strategy needs some time, effort and right tools. Avoid buying email lists - build yours instead as email companies strictly prohibit sending emails to bought addresses. You must also be aware of national email regulations - it’s important for you to know all the requirements considering applicable laws when you want to send automated emails. 

Apart from knowing the laws, don’t forget that the content you’re creating for your email marketing campaign needs to be diverse. Create polls, surveys and make them appear sometimes in your users’ mailboxes instead of your traditional newsletter filled with offers and promo countdowns. 

Squarespace offers its users email marketing tools. Applying them, you can:

  • Create email campaigns that will fit with your website’s design.
  • Use tracking tools to see the number of clicks and unsubscribers your emails get.
  • Send automated emails when a website visitor subscribes to your email newsletter or makes a purchase on your Squarespace website.

And don’t forget that if Squarespace's email campaigns tool doesn’t work for you for some reason, you can use its Mailchimp integration.

What is content marketing

One more way to promote your business online and make it visible to the market is to start building your Squarespace content marketing strategy with the right tools. Content marketing stands for development and distribution of relevant and useful content for users online. This can be all sorts of blogs, social media posts, videos, and so on. Anything that is somehow relevant to your existing and potential clientele can be considered as a subject of content marketing.

Done right, content marketing can be a demonstration of the company’s competence and also become some sort of proof that the company really values its audience. And the consistent work with content marketing can lead to building strong relations with your customers - both existing and potential ones. 

Here’s how you can start using the content marketing tools:

  • Analyze your audience and identify it. To start making content for your market visitors, you must know who they are and what their main goals and interests are. It is a good idea to collect customer feedback and share it with your audience via Squarespace Google Reviews plugin.
  • Come up with the most suitable formats. The right format here corresponds with what particular stage of sales you’re creating content for. Also, think about what types of content will be great in delivering value to your audience. For instance, for some people articles will work great, and some prefer podcasts.
  • Think about the sustainable content plan. The most common mistake lots of marketers tend to make is creating a really ambitious content plan that can’t be really followed. So, once you determine your audience, create a short-term plan for the realistic number of content pieces you can create.
  • Follow the best content creation practices. Create relevant, high-quality content that will also be useful for your new visitors, not only existing ones. 

And remember that even Squarespace content marketing may look like a hard job, it doesn't have to be. 

What is social media marketing

With Social media marketing you create tailored content for each social media you want your business and Squarespace website be mentioned at to drive engagement and promote your company. Using this tool, you create a strong bond with your market audience and help them get to know your brand better. 

Similar to the offline world strategies, social media marketing is aimed at finding your target audience and making these people satisfied and happy so that they could promote your brand and share it with friends. 

Using social media marketing strategies is extremely important these days as today’s users usually prefer to search for the info about your brand on social media market. They use these channels multiple times a day and it's really important for them to be present online. And brands can gain insights into their online audience’s interests and tastes with the help of Social Media and marketing. 

The list of Social media marketing pros for Squarespace site includes:

  • Social media marketing always draws new audiences for your business. And it’s really easy to warm up these audiences with interesting and engaging content you’ll create for them on the market.
  • You can build stronger relationships with your audience.  Social media marketing is all about connecting to your audience and not only promoting your offers. It’s a great channel to demonstrate how much you care about your audience.
  • With social media marketing you can stand out against competitors. Before starting any campaigns on social media, it’s better to see what strategies your market competitors prefer to use and check what’s working for them. After that you can start experimenting with things that are working for your competitors.
  • Social media marketing for Squarespace is cost-efficient. Creating a profile on most popular social media does not cost anything, and running an ad campaign still costs relatively low. And done right, your campaign has a great chance of producing a greater return of investments.

Squarespace, in its turn, offers users a great deal of social media integrations. You are free to connect your Squarespace website with your social media accounts and use social icons. Use social media icons to allow your audience to share your content on their social media profiles. You can also push your Squarespace content on the market using built-in social sharing. And for those who use Facebook as their main marketing tool there’s a way to apply Facebook pixel to track users’ activity and create targeted ads promoting your products and services. 

What is PPC marketing

Pay-per-click or PPC marketing is a way of online advertising allowing advertisers to accrue costs when some user clicks their ads. In the PPC marketing model, advertisers bid on the perceived value of click related to the keywords and audience types where it originates. PPC is good for any type of campaign goal, including growing sales, lead generation and increasing brand awareness.

PPC is all about being relevant to your audience as the advertisers get the ability to demonstrate targeted ads to users. With the help of correct and precise targeting settings and tools advertisers get the ability to run successful ppc marketing campaigns. 

On Squarespace, you can use different integrations to run pay-per-click marketing campaigns. For example, you can use Google AdSense. Or there’s also an opportunity to use 2,500 ad platforms through connecting the Channable extension for Squarespace. But keep in mind that Squarespace team can only help you with connecting or disconnecting your extensions. 

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is about earning a commission after promoting a product or service that was created by some third-party retailer or advertizer. The affiliate partner - you - is rewarded a payout for providing some specific result to the retailer or advertizer. In most cases, the result can be a sale, but sometimes programs offer a reward for leads, sign-ups, clicks, downloads, etc. Usually, affiliate programs do not require any payments to join, and can provide you with a regular income. 

The list of main benefits of affiliate marketing tools includes:

  • It is easy to start and use. You as the marketing side don’t have to worry about the support or development of the program. Your task here is only about promoting and selling the product or service. 
  • It does not require investments. Since joining affiliate programs does not require any payments, you can start making money really fast. Also, affiliate marketing can generate a passive income for you through the agency of commissions. 
  • You get an opportunity to scale your earnings. By means of affiliate marketing, you can easily present lots of new products to your audience while your current work will continue to generate revenue.

To start applying affiliate marketing all you need to do is to select the right platform and method. 

Track your online performance

After you choose one of the marketing strategies we’ve described above (or maybe all of them), it’s time to track your Squarespace site’s online performance to find out how you need to act to grow your business further. You are free to build unique clickable URLs with URL Builder to track the ads you create for your strategy. Also, there’s sales analytics for you to track how your products are selling. By means of the Search Keywords option, you’ll be able to detect keywords that are driving more new visitors to your website.