Squarespace Domain Hosting vs. Web Hosting

Web hosting and domain hosting are very close concepts, however, they perform different functions. It is very easy to understand them: domain hosting stores information about domain names of sites, for example, yoursite.com, and web hosting stores all site information. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the difference between Squarespace domain hosts and web hostings.

What is Domain Hosting

Domain hosting stores information about the address of a website on the Internet, or about its URL. When you start working with Squarespace, your site is automatically assigned a domain name such as mysquarespacesite.com. This is the name of the site in the address bar, like the address of a store in a city. Using it, users will be able to find your site among many others.


You can also view a video on how to register your domain and work with it in this short official Squarespace video guide. The process of creating a domain name should be pleasant and inventing, for you'll need a domain name to make your brand stand out from others and make your website look professional and complete.

When you first start using Squarespace, you can apply the automatically suggested domain name, register your own one, or you can connect or transfer an existing URL to the Squarespace admin panel. As for the latter option, it will be easier to manage your site if you monitor the domain and web hosting directly from the Squarespace dashboard.

The choice of a domain name should be approached with great care; it must be simple, concise, and most importantly, unique. There are no two sites on the Internet with the same domain names, however, we are sure you have already come up with your name for the incomparable Squarespace site.

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What is Web Hosting

Web hosting is a kind of warehouse that stores all the information on your site: pictures, music, video, texts, product cards, descriptions, prices - all the materials that you fill out the site with. All Squarespace sites are hosted on servers, much like store merchandise is placed on store shelves by sellers.

How Both Hosts Work in Collaboration

Once you start working with Squarespace, your content is automatically hosted on the platform. You can register a domain with Squarespace, transfer it from another host, or connect a domain provided by another provider.

Paying for Squarespace Hosting

When you create your site on Squarespace and upgrade to a paid plan, you will be given access to your web hosting by default. If you pay for the annual plan on Squarespace, then you will be able to connect one domain name. The multiple domains option will be available for a fee.

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