How to Embed YouTube Video Widget on Webflow

YouTube – is a great site for featuring your highlights and vision to your subscribers and boosting purchases. Our cloud-based solution - Elfsight Apps - provides an opportunity to complete the implementation of a YouTube Video Gallery to any resource in several steps.

Conduct 2-step installation of your widget

Embedding the plugin will only take the Webflow website builder clients no more than 2 minutes and it won’t need any developer expertise or other rare competencies.

Video Guide

Step 1: obtain your widget

Develop and configure your unique gallery to feature on your site.

• Construct your gallery

Click the editor of the plugin to initiate start with the application for website. Or log in at Elfsight platform, to initiate gallery creation from your own page.

create the youtube plugin

• Get the code to put into your website

The last action in our resource is to duplicate the plugin script by clicking “Get” link by the feed’s title.

Copy widget code

Step 2: install the plugin to the website

To install the video gallery on the web resource, put the YouTube widget’s HTML code you’ve got to the required columns.

• Go to your Webflow account

Get authorized to go to your sites.

Login to your WebFlow account

• Select a site

If you’ve got several websites, select the one you need and left-click it.

Choose a site

• Edit page

Select a page for the plugin and install it. To do it, open the left-hand menu and select the HTML “Embed” element.

Add HTML element to a webpage

• Add the plugin

Add the Elfsight Apps plugin code to the window that comes up, and save the changes.

Insert YouTube plugin code

• Apply the changes

To apply the changes to the website, press “Publish” in the upper menu.

Save the changes

• The plugin’s installed!

Awesome! You’ve just placed the YouTube plugin on your site.

Add YouTube Gallery for Webflow

How to modify options of your gallery after its setup

To modify some design configurations or to replace content sources, you simply have to login to your profile at Elfsight Apps, specify the new configurations and publish the changes. After publishing, the plugin will immediately get the all-new look on your web resource.

What Is the Most Suitable Way to Manage a YouTube Gallery on a Webflow Site?

When you add a YouTube plugin to your website using Elfsight Apps, a first-class gallery is not the only thing that you’re buying. You also acquire the following:

  • Literally nominal pricing among competitors;
  • Our team’s lasing technical support;
  • Regular development of the plugin.

Also, we feature most facile installation way that will let you carry out the entire installation process yourself, without hiring a web developer to do the job. See more widgets for Webflow in our catalogue.

Details about the Elfsight Apps

Elfsight Apps is a cloud-based service that offers diverse plugins for websites that will help transfer your work to a new height.

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