How to Add YouTube Video or Channel to WordPress – YouTube Gallery Plugin!

In this blog post, we will guide you through how you can add the YouTube Video Gallery plugin to your WordPress website page with the embed code, share tutorials, core features, and the most popular examples among our users. Stay tuned!
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How to Add YouTube Video or Channel to WordPress – YouTube Gallery Plugin!

What Is YouTube Video Gallery?

A YouTube Video Gallery, in short terms, is a code-free plugin from Elfsight that lets users display a curated collection of YouTube videos or channels directly on their WordPress website pages. It adds new ways to promote video content and reach a wider audience across different marketing channels by connecting social media with business websites. 

Now, let’s delve into how to add this power-packed YouTube video plugin to your WordPress website page, exploring the tutorials that can transform your online presence. 

Cut down the distance to achieve the target and take a test drive of the widget functionality and royalty-free features with the live demo!

How to Add YouTube Video or Channel Plugin to WordPress Website with Plugin: Free Tutorials

Our step-by-step tutorials provide accessible instructions to help you add the YouTube Gallery plugin to your website page for free with no need to code, creating a seamless and visually captivating experience for your visitors.

Step 1: Open the online builder to configure the YouTube Gallery widget

To kick start the process, navigate to the Elfsight admin dashboard and access the online builder for the YouTube Gallery plugin or use the live demo above. 

Step 2: Choose one of the YouTube plugin template’s options

Upon accessing the online builder, choose a template from a range of pre-designed options. These templates serve as the foundation for crafting the visual layout and design elements of your YouTube Gallery. 

Choose YouTube Video Gallery template to add to WordPress

Step 3: Add YouTube channel URL source

Next, add your YouTube channel by pasting the channel’s URL source within the configuration. This pivotal step establishes the link between your YouTube content and your WordPress website page!

Add YouTube Video Gallery source to for WordPress

Step 4: Change the YouTube Gallery’s layout elements

The layout elements of your YouTube video gallery play a crucial role in defining its appeal and navigational accessibility. Modify and fine-tune the layout elements—header, columns, rows, video, popup, and slider—to get the best design for your website page aesthetic.

Change YouTube Video Gallery layout to add to WordPress

Step 5: Customize the YouTube Gallery’s appearance

Personalization is key. The online builder lets you select color schemes and accent colors to create a cohesive display of your YouTube video content for the WordPress website.

Change YouTube Video Gallery appearance to add to WordPress

Step 6: Personalize the advanced settings for your YouTube videos

The advanced settings offer a few nuanced customization options: language, YouTube API key, AdSense, and privacy-enhanced mode. Refine the behavior and functionality of your YouTube Gallery!

Step 7: Get the installation code to add the YouTube widget to the website page

Once you’re content with the customization and personalization of your plugin, feel free to generate the installation code by clicking the “Publish” button. This code is the key to integrating your video gallery onto your WordPress website page.

Step 8: Add the YouTube Gallery plugin to your WordPress page

The time comes to head over to your WordPress dashboard and embark on the final step: add the YouTube Gallery plugin to your desired web page by pasting the embed code in the “Custom HTML” block. 

Additionally, you can explore three other tutorials to add the plugin to your WordPress website:

How to add the YouTube Gallery plugin to the WordPress website using the Theme Editor

This is what you should do to add the plugin to your WordPress website page through the Theme Editor:

  1. Access the WordPress dashboard panel and navigate to the left sidebar menu to locate the “Appearance” tab.
  2. Select the “Theme Editor” option to open the code editor.
  3. Encounter the footer.php file and insert the code to embed your YouTube Gallery plugin.
  4. Save all the changes by clicking “Update File.”

Completion! Your YouTube Video plugin is now ready for use.

How to add the YouTube Gallery plugin to the WordPress website using the Widgets option

Follow these instructions to embed the Video Gallery on your website page using the Widgets option:

  1. Navigate to the “Appearance” sidebar menu in the WordPress admin panel.
  2. Select the Widgets button. 
  3. Opt for “Custom HTML” from the “Available Widgets” list, then proceed to select the “Add Widget” option.
  4. Paste the auto-generated code that you’ve copied earlier and save new adjustments. 

We hope this method was beneficial in your desire to embed the plugin! 

How to add the YouTube Gallery plugin to the WordPress website using the Customize option

Here’s another method to embed the YouTube Gallery on your WordPress website:

  1. Sign in to your WordPress dashboard to locate “Appearance” in the left sidebar, then select it.
  2. From the list, opt for the “Customize” feature.
  3. After opening the menu, hover over the “Widget” and give it a click.
  4. Review the options and select “Add Widget.”
  5. Then, pick “Custom HTML.”
  6. Paste the code of the plugin and save the changes.

Great job! The gallery has been successfully integrated into the WordPress website.

These tutorials can be also useful to add the YouTube Gallery plugin to the Elementor website page with the auto-generated embed code!

Core Features of YouTube Video and Channel Gallery Plugin for WordPress

The YouTube Video Gallery plugin boasts a range of core features. From customizable layouts and responsive designs to code-free installation, this plugin offers multiple features that empower you to embed a dynamic viewing journey for your WordPress website visitors.

Let’s explore them one by one and see what they can do: 

Seamless integrationThe YouTube Gallery plugin seamlessly adds to your WordPress website page, offering a hassle-free process for incorporating captivating YouTube videos that become an organic part of online content. The only thing it takes for you to do is copy-paste the embed code to your page. This auto-generated code is fully unique and belongs to your account, so keep it safe and sound.  
Different types of YouTube video sourcesThe plugin supports different types of sources for gallery content. You can add a YouTube link to a channel, a single video, or a previously created playlist on a specific topic. Basically, it’s all about your preferences, needs, and viewing interests of your audience on the WordPress website page. Maybe you would like to add a video tutorial or promote a YouTube channel to grow the following base; who knows? But this is all available to you!
Advanced video groupingWith the YouTube Gallery plugin, advanced video grouping capabilities enable you to categorize and organize your content into logical segments. By all means, you can adjust the title and be precise in dividing your YouTube channel’s content. So, without any struggle, you can facilitate easy-to-explore navigation for website users on your WordPress page and remain a well-structured gallery addition at the same time. 
Dynamic YouTube content updatesMaintaining the freshness of your Video Gallery is made effortless through constant content updates in the plugin. Syncing with your YouTube channel, the widget automatically adds new videos as soon as they are published, ensuring that your WordPress website’s gallery stays up to date with your latest YouTube content without the need for manual intervention.
Customization optionsThe YouTube Gallery widget has lots of cool things to offer users when it comes to personalization. We know how important it is to keep everything under one branding guideline. Therefore, adjust the layout to the fullest, choose the best color scheme or add the accent color individually for each element, change the language to suit the target audience, and many more things to embed. Embark on a decision that aligns well with your WordPress website page’s design aesthetic. 
YouTube API integrationThe integration with YouTube’s API ensures that the plugin harnesses the full power of YouTube’s platform, offering a rich and immersive experience for your WordPress website visitors. This integration grants access to a breadth of functionalities and data, enabling the widget to fetch and showcase your YouTube video content with precision and reliability.
Responsive designThe Gallery Channel widget boasts full responsiveness, meaning your video automatically adapts to and looks stunning across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. It adds a consistent and engaging viewing experience for every website visitor on the page, regardless of their chosen device.
AdSense supportFor those seeking to monetize their content, the YouTube Gallery widget offers AdSense support, enabling you to add advertisements within your video gallery. This plugin feature presents an opportunity to generate revenue from your video content while keeping your WordPress website visitors engaged and informed on the page.
Privacy-enhanced modePrivacy is of utmost priority, and Elfsight acknowledges this with the Privacy-enhanced mode feature. This feature ensures that your YouTube Video Gallery plugin respects user privacy by loading YouTube videos and following the local law guidelines, enhancing data protection for your website visitors.

YouTube Video and Channel Gallery Types: How The Work on WordPress

The YouTube Video Gallery widget offers lots of pre-designed options for presenting your YouTube content on your WordPress website. Let’s explore these varied gallery types along with their unique functionality, strategic implications, and primary use cases for a better understanding of how they can transform your page into an immersive multimedia experience.

Example 1: YouTube Channel 

Picture this: a centralized, visually stunning display of your entire YouTube channel’s video collection showcased on your WordPress website. With the code-free YouTube Channel Gallery plugin, you can effortlessly captivate your audience by presenting a comprehensive array of videos from your channel, all within the cohesive environment of your WordPress website. 

The Channel template includes the following visual elements: channel counts, main picture, title, call-to-action button to subscribe, and the search bar. It adds an extra layer of visual appeal to your WordPress website and provides visitors with a streamlined means to explore your channel’s content without leaving the page—an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Add YouTube Channel Gallery template to WordPress

Strategy and use cases on WordPress: This Channel gallery type is an ideal way to extend your YouTube presence on your WordPress website, providing a deeper level of engagement for your audience. Whether you’re a content creator, a brand, or an organization striving to showcase a diverse range of videos, featuring your entire channel allows more new people to find out about your content. 

It’s a strategically sound way to enhance brand visibility, foster deeper connections with your audience, and keep visitors engaged within your website while offering a comprehensive overview of your YouTube presence.

Example 2: Single YouTube Video

If you have a particular video that deserves the spotlight in your collection—perhaps a product demonstration, an important announcement, or simply a video masterpiece that demands attention—then the Single Video Gallery template is what you need. 

With the Single Video Gallery, you can elegantly highlight and embed a specific YouTube video from the channel, placing it front and center for your WordPress visitors to experience and engage with. Plus, this plugin adds a focused and immersive experience, ensuring that your standout content receives the awareness it deserves.

Add YouTube Single Video Gallery template to WordPress

Strategy and use cases on WordPress: Leveraging the Single Video gallery type is a strategic move to drive attention to a particular piece of content, promotion, or messaging. Whether it’s a brand introduction, a product feature, a tutorial, or a captivating storytelling element, showcasing a single video enables you to add key YouTube content, elevate its visibility, and provide a targeted and visually compelling experience for your WordPress website users.

Example 3: YouTube Subscribe 

Encouraging your WordPress website visitors to connect with your YouTube channel has never been easier. The YouTube Subscribe Gallery plugin offers a seamless means for your audience to subscribe to your YouTube channel directly from your website page. 

The centric point that means a whole lot of attention is the call-to-action button in the social media branding accent color—red—while still broadcasting the uploaded videos on your channel. Add this plugin to conveniently bridge the gap between your WordPress website page and your YouTube community, fostering engagement and ensuring that your visitors stay informed about your latest video releases, events, and updates.

Add YouTube Subscribe Gallery template to WordPress

Strategy and use cases on WordPress: Using the code-free YouTube Subscribe Gallery plugin strategically encourages your WordPress website users to become long-term subscribers to your YouTube channel, cultivating a direct and ongoing connection. Whether you’re a content creator, a brand, or a passionate storyteller, this widget serves as a strategic touchpoint to build and retain an engaged audience, making it a convenient means to expand your reach on YouTube.

Example 4: YouTube Playlists 

The organization meets visual appeal with the Playlists Gallery widget for YouTube. If you want to curate your YouTube video content into well-structured playlists, this plugin is your best ally. 

It allows you to add these playlists from your channel to the website page, providing users with a convenient and enticing means to explore your content based on different themes, categories, or topics. This coherent and organized presentation of your video playlists enhances user engagement and encourages prolonged exploration of your WordPress website’s content.

Add YouTube Playlists Gallery template to WordPress

Strategy and use cases on WordPress: Leveraging the Playlists Gallery plugin strategically provides an opportunity to curate themed or grouped content, allowing WordPress visitors to explore a range of related videos. Whether it’s organizing content based on themes, topics, product types, or any collections, presenting video playlists offers a structured and engaging visual journey, making it versatile to broadcast a diverse range of YouTube content in a cohesive and user-friendly manner.

Example 5: YouTube Video List

Sometimes, simplicity reigns supreme. The Video List Gallery plugin offers a clean and straightforward presentation of your YouTube content, neatly displaying a series of videos on a specific topic or highlighting your most popular or recent uploads on your website page. It comes complete with titles, thumbnails, and video description information, so no worries: it can also help you catch the public eye and add some spice.

Add YouTube Video List Gallery template to WordPress

Strategy and use cases on WordPress: The Video List Gallery plugin strategically provides an inclusive and scalable approach to showcase a comprehensive range of YouTube videos on your WordPress website. Whether you decide to present an archive of past content, a resource library, or an expansive collection of videos, the widget uses all the opportunities to capture the user’s attention. 

More Ready-to-Use YouTube Gallery Examples in Templates Catalog

Template Catalog

Explore 50+ YouTube Gallery templates

Check out more of ready-made templates for any use case or build your own one!

Main Principles of Having YouTube Video Gallery on WordPress Website Page

The key principles of incorporating the YouTube Video Gallery plugin onto your website page are rooted in fostering engagement and creating a mesmerizing visual experience with your YouTube content, all while providing unparalleled convenience to your viewers. 

The principles are there to help you work with your WordPress YouTube plugin. By embracing them, you position your website page as a hub of rich, curated YouTube video content that ensures to captivate and interact with each and every user, which seems to be a fair goal to look out for.  

YouTube Principle 1: Showcasing high-quality content

One of the primary principles of having the YouTube Video Gallery plugin on your WordPress website is to curate and embed high-quality video content in an organized and visually appealing manner. Promote your brand’s latest promotional videos, inspiring tutorials, or thought-provoking documentaries, all within an eye-catching gallery that entices visitors to explore further.

YouTube Principle 2: Enhancing user engagement

The YouTube Video Gallery widget is here to improve user engagement. Add YouTube videos to WordPress and invite visitors to actively participate in digging your content. The YouTube plugin ensures a user-friendly experience, allowing website users to browse through your captivating video collection from the channel on a page.

YouTube Principle 3: Simplifying video discovery and navigation

Add the YouTube Video Gallery plugin to your WordPress website page to simplify the process of video discovery and navigation online. Rather than redirecting them to YouTube or forcing them to search for relevant videos on your channel, the gallery brings the content directly to your website page.

YouTube Principle 4: Improving search engine optimization and website ranking

Another principle of having the YouTube Video Gallery plugin on your WordPress website is how impactful it is on SEO and website ranking. Embed relevant and engaging content to improve your website presence on search engine results pages (SERPs).

YouTube Principle 5: Accessible and responsive design

With the YouTube Video Gallery widget, accessibility and responsive design are paramount. Your YouTube Gallery plugin will be fully responsive on WordPress, ensuring optimal viewing experiences on various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

So, there you have it! These principles are a foundational guide to bringing a stunning YouTube Video Gallery plugin to your WordPress website page. Amplify all the possibilities, add some points to your checklists, and get yourself into building the perfect widget!

Who Needs to Add YouTube Video Gallery Plugin on WordPress Website Page?

The digital landscape is a diverse tapestry, weaving together the unique needs and aspirations of individuals, businesses, creators, and organizations. Even the thought of adding the YouTube Video Gallery widget to a WordPress website serves as a beacon of opportunity, catering to needs and objectives to fulfill.

Let’s delve into the diverse scenarios where the embed process of captivating the YouTube Video Gallery widget on the WordPress website stands to elevate, engage, and captivate its public.

Content creators and influencersFor content creators and influencers—whether they’re focused on vlogs, tutorials, entertainment, or reviews—the whole embed process of the YouTube Video Gallery widget is an indispensable passport to visibility and engagement. From lifestyle influencers to educational content creators, the Channel Gallery widget provides a canvas for their creativity to shine and captivate their audience, all within the familiar confines of their WordPress website page.
Businesses and brandsThe digital storefront of businesses and brands is not merely a platform for transactions; it’s a stage for storytelling, product demonstrations, and brand immersion. Embed the YouTube Video Gallery plugin on the WordPress page to bring marketing and promotional YouTube videos to the forefront, fostering an immersive experience for their website visitors.
Educational institutions and learning platformsLearning institutions, online course providers, and educators can seamlessly curate and present a diverse array of instructional videos, lectures, and educational content from their channels if they decide to embed the YouTube Video Gallery plugin on the WordPress page.
Event organizers and entertainment platformsThe curtain rises, and the show begins. Whether you decide to add event highlights, artist performances, or behind-the-scenes footage—the gallery becomes a virtual archive of memorable moments, fostering anticipation and excitement among its audience.
Nonprofit organizations and community initiativesEmbed the YouTube Video Gallery plugin on the WordPress websites to convey their impactful stories, community efforts, and outreach programs. Presenting documentary-style YouTube videos, success stories, and volunteer initiatives can foster a deeper emotional connection with their audience, inspiring support. 

The diversity of individuals, businesses, organizations, and creators shows us that they all have their unique narratives, offerings, and aspirations that they want to share with the world. The whole add-thing of the YouTube Video Gallery plugin to a WordPress website becomes the canvas upon which these stories, products, educational endeavors, and initiatives bring deeper connections and immersive experiences.

Key Takeaways on YouToube Gallery Plugin

In conclusion, the YouTube Video Gallery plugin from Elfsight presents an unparalleled opportunity to infuse your WordPress website with dynamic and engaging video content, extending the reach and creating a memorable narrative for your brand storytelling.

With easy-to-follow tutorials, customizable features, and powerful YouTube plugin, add this widget to your website page to have a surefire way to elevate your user experience while leaving a lasting impression on your visitors. 

Unlock the power of YouTube, get more details about the embed process of the code-free Gallery plugin with available tutorials for WordPress, or have a conversation with peers by following these resources:

Try WordPress Video Gallery for free. Elevate your website with the YouTube Video Gallery widget from Elfsight and connect with your WordPress audience in a whole new way!