How to Embed YouTube Video Gallery to Squarespace

YouTube – is an amazing website for showing your uniqueness and originality to your followers and raising sales. Our service - Elfsight Apps - provides an opportunity to complete the featuring of a YouTube Video Gallery on any resource in a couple of manipulations.

Embedding The Video Gallery

Featuring the widget will only take the Squarespace online website builder users about 2 minutes and it won’t require any web-development proficiency or other particular skills.

Video Guide

Phase 1: obtain your widget

Forge and compose your special plugin to display it on your website.

• Construct your plugin

Open the editor of the plugin to launch start with the video gallery for website. Or create an page in our service, to begin plugin creation from your personal profile.
create the youtube plugin

• Get the script to paste it into your site

The final stage in our platform is to copy the app's html code by using “Get” button along the side of the product’s header.
Copy gallery code

Phase 2: embedding the video gallery on the site

To embed the video gallery to the site, place the YouTube gallery’s code you’ve obtained to the relevant sections.

• Authorize in your Squarespace account

Go to your account to edit the site.
Enter to Squarespace

• Go to Pages section

Click the “Pages” link in the left-hand menu.
Go to Pages section

• Select a page

Click on the page or the part of the page you need in the dropdown menu on the side.
Choose where to put the plugin to

• Add HTML element

Click on the page background and add the interactive “Code” element from the menu that comes up.
Add the HTML code

• Embed the plugin

Add the Elfsight Apps plugin code to the «Code» element and apply the changes.
Paste YouTube plugin script

• The installation is complete!

Go to the YouTube plugin page to check out the results.
Add YouTube Plugin to Squarespace

Modifying the product’s settings after the setup

To readjust some appearance settings or to revise gallery sources, you should authorize in your page at Elfsight Apps, set the new parameters and publish the revisions. After validation, the video gallery will automatically acquire the new design on your website.

What Is the Most Appropriate Method to embedding a Video Gallery on a Squarespace Website?

When you paste a YouTube plugin to your website with Elfsight Apps, a premium widget is not the only thing that you’re taking. You also get the following:
  • One of the lowest prices on the market;
  • Our team’s termless technical support;
  • Constant development of the plugin.
Also, we feature an utterly easy installation method that doesn’t need a web developer to execute the complete setup actions. See more plugins for Squarespace in our catalogue.

What is Elfsight Apps?

Elfsight Apps is a cloud-based service that offers various products for sites that will aid your business in moving to a new height. Use the YouTube widget from Elfsight!

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