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Squarespace Popup plugin
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Embed Popup on Squarespace with the Elfsight widget

Using the Elfsight Popup plugin, you are free to create their personalized pop-ups of various types and embed them on the web page. Build a unique pop up, using a variety of inbuilt elements. Adjust the style and arrangement; apply opening trigger and adjust the frequency to maximize the effectiveness. Popups will allow visitors to subscribe to emails, explore your offers, copy discount coupons, know about your sales and special offers, be aware of new occasions on your website and even more.

Pop-ups will enable you to sell more, promote your future activities, receive feedback and subscribers, and much more.

How can I embed a Popup to the Squarespace site?

The creation of the Squarespace Form happens within the Elfsight website and there’s no need to learn coding. Use the online demo to adjust your own plugin, obtain the code and embed it in your website.

The best usage examples of pop up integration

We have tons of customization opportunities: full length Squarespace Newsletter Popup for implementing in the content area, floating widgets with scrolling options, layouts for the footer, header and all sorts of vertical possibilities for website sidebars and menus. In addition, you can set your Squarespace Popup to appear on click.

May I build a notification or newsletter popup with the help of your editor?

You are free to form any widget’s modifications. There are tons of layouts of the Squarespace Newsletter in the editor, and all of them may be easily adjusted just as you require.

Main features of a Popup plugin

Check a list of all the features of the widget. You can set them straight in the editor and they will help you construct the widget most suitable for your case.

  • Twelve different blocks to shape a popup;
  • 5 included pop up layouts for varied cases;
  • Place buttons in the Squarespace Popup Form for taking visitors to any page;
  • Upload an image for the background;
  • Popup can come up after a certain time on the page or scroll percentage;
  • Pop up can be triggered by clicking on a certain element or scrolling down to it.

You can test all widget’s features straight in the demo

How to add Pop up to Squarespace website?

To activate the widget on your site, just follow the guidelines below:

  1. Design your personal Popup plugin
    Managing our free configurator, shape a plugin with a custom composition and functions.
  2. Get the personal code to embed the plugin
    After you have customized your widget, you will acquire an installation code from Elfsight Apps. Copy the code of Squarespace Pop up text box for later use.
  3. Add the plugin on your Squarespace website
    Go to the area where you plan to show the plugin and insert the saved code there. Publish the changes.
  4. Setup is complete
    Enter the site, to take a look at your Pop up.

You are welcome to get in touch with the customer support when you need assistance or have any questions with your Squarespace Pop up text box. Our specialists will be happy to help with every request.


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