How to Add Instagram Widget to WordPress Website

In this text we will reveal an accurate manual on how to insert Instagram Gallery InstaShow into a WordPress site. We will work with an excellent cloud product by Elfsight Apps – a platform offering ready-made tools for websites.

Set Your Own Instagram Widget

Go through a couple of stages to add the Instagram Widget to the required pages of your site. The likely installation time is no longer than 1 minute.

Video Instruction

Step 1: Receive an account at Elfsight Apps

• Register or login to Elfsight Apps

First of all, if you’d like use the advantages of Elfsight web services, you need to register. Only enter real email addresses and passwords to register. If you already have an account, please, enter here.
Login to Elfsight Apps

• Choose the desired widget for your site

Our service holds different tools for websites upgrading. To show Instagram social app on a WordPress website, you have to press InstaShow.
Select Instagram feed widget

• Personalize the Instagram plugin

Choose the pattern, styles and UI settings to create the feed that will play into your website. InstaShow key features:
  • Infinite number of combinations of Instagram sources (usernames, tags, locations and photo URLs);
  • Additional source filters;
  • Capability to limit social pictures in the widget;
  • Cache media time feature
  • etc.
You are able to examine all the advantages at the Instagram Feed page.
Configure widget for wordpress website

• Receive the html code for initiating InstaShow on your web resource

The resulting action in our resource is to copy the gallery html code by pressing “Get” link shown near the plugin’s title.
Copy widget code

Step 2: Phases of Instagram App Setup on Your Website

• Log into CMS

Open the WordPress admin panel at https://YourDomain/wp-admin/ and log in.
Go to the WordPress admin panel

• Go to Pages folder

Go to «Posts»/«Pages» or a similar folder in the left hand menu to select a page to edit.
Select the page to place the plugin to

• Insert the plugin

Paste the plugin code into the necessary part of the page, and press “Update” to save the changes.
Paste the plugin

• The plugin has been successfully installed!

Go to the page to check out the result.
Add Instagram Widget to WordPress Website
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How to Adjust Plugin’s Configuration after Installation?

You are able edit the gallery’s parameters or the added social media page in your profile at Elfsight Apps. After you save the improvements, they will automatically take effect in your product.

Best Instagram gallery plugin for WordPress

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