How to Add Form Builder Widget to Webflow

Check out a brief instruction on how to introduce and set Online Form Builder for your website. A higher amount of leads and contacts from users, together with Elfsight.

Act 1: Create and Adjust a Widget

The first stage – adjust the interface and features of your widget.

Create a required widget

Start generating your widget with the help of the editor or get registered in the service.

Have your widget installation code

Copy the widget code that you got at Elfsight Apps, to put it on the website.

Act 2: Integrate the Widget on a Webflow Website

The second stage – place the created widget into the code of your web page or template.

Open the admin panel

Log in to your site to reach the editor and apply the required code alterations.

Insert the widget adding code

Open a required page or a required template and add the widget code received at Elfsight Apps. Apply the changes.

This is it! The widget was successfully installed.

Elfsight's Extensive Collection of Webflow Form Templates

Explore the catalog below to discover all the available Webflow form options and unlock your website's full potential:

Email Contact Form
Create a form for collecting contact details and emails using the template for website.
Popup Contact Form
Create a form to collect contact details in the pop-ups using the template for website.
Success Message Form
Create a website form with the template and add a success message to thank respondents.
Date Picker Form
Create a form to let users select dates displayed in the calendar date picker using the template for website.
Calendar Form
Create a form with a built-in calendar and let users select dates using the template for website.
Doctor Prescription Form
Create a form for healthcare professionals to fill out doctor prescriptions using the template for website.
Mailchimp Customer Satisfaction Survey
Create a website survey with the template to measure customer satisfaction with products and services.
Popup Review Form
Create a form for pop-ups and collect customer reviews using the template for website.
No Suitable Form Template?
Create your form with Elfsight AI by describing your requirements in plain language, or build your own form using our form builder.

A Fantastic Form Builder by Elfsight

Elfsight Form Builder is a useful form widget to design different forms that help accumulate leads, feedback and impressions from your clientele. Why is Elfsight widget a must-have for any website? Here are the main benefits:

  • Ready templates suitable for all use-cases;
  • Diverse practical features;
  • Connection to major mail services.

Go to Form widget page to see more about it or see check other products on widgets for Webflow page.

Have your own Webflow Form Builder!

Start your widget absolutely free in our online editor.