How to add Facebook Feed plugin to Squarespace

Popularize your content and build up your website’s readers loyalty with the aid of the custom Facebook plugin from Elfsight.

The Unique points of our Facebook Feed

The product is 100 per cent compatible with any monitor resolutions, and the various layout configurations make it possible it to blend in your website’s design in an exceptional manner. Add any Facebook profile content: page, feed, videos, pictures, happenings. Construct an efficient service, using quality plugins to engage your prospective clients, and raise conversion to a new stage.

Install and control your plugin

Let’s analyze the app’s installation and adjustment at length.

Phase 1: Configuring your Squarespace widget for Facebook

Set up a profile or login to your account

Generate your new Elfsight Apps account or authorize in your account.

• Select the required widget

Go to Facebook Feed in the list of offers.
Select Facebook Feed

• Construct your widget

Configure the widget’s settings and style.
Set up widget for Squarespace website

• Copy the embed code

Get the widget script to install on your proper resource.
Copy feed code

Phase 2: Displaying on your website

• Authorize in your Squarespace profile

Login to your Squarespace account.
Go to Squarespace

• Go to Pages section

Select “Pages” from the left-hand menu.
Go to pages

• Select the place for the widget

Choose the page and the part of the page where you want to place the widget.
Choose where to put the plugin to

• Add the element to the page

Click on the page border to call up the editing window. Find the “Code” element and click on it.
Add the element with the code

• Add the code

Paste the widget’s code to the popup window and press “Apply” to apply the changes. To save the changes, click on “Save” in the upper menu.
Paste the plugin code

• Great! The Squarespace Facebook widget has been installed.

Go to the page to check the feed.
Facebook Feed to Squarespace

How to Modify Product’s Settings after Setup

You can change the plugins’s options or the displayed social media sopurce in your profile at Elfsight Apps. After you implement the corrections, they will be automatically applied to your product.

Unique characteristics

The critical characteristics of the free Facebook plugin that are an advantage over the similar solutions:
  • Amazing design;
  • Totally adaptive;
  • Caching the content;
  • Diverse Design control;
  • Allows to show different Facebook content.
You can find out the details at the SquareSpace Facebook page.

Some words about Elfsight Apps

A project developed to allow the existing platforms made with various platforms to be used in a more productive way.

Test the Facebook Feed demo for free!

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