How to add Contact Form app to Wix

Elfsight form – is ultimately comprehensible in installation tool to create response, contact us and other all kinds of forms to submit a message without skills in web development.

Responsive Contact Form for your Wix website

If you are searching for an easy and conversion-raising contact form to receive more responses from your visitors and increase effectiveness of your resource, then our app is the ideal variant for you.

Our main features:

  • Premium design;
  • Responsive template;
  • Captcha protection included;
  • Popup and onpage options;
  • Two-minute installation.

Keep in touch with clients 24/7, receiving messages on requested email and increase leads for your business!

Stages of installing the app

Setting up our app is ultimately easy and intuitive; it will take you only three minutes. Follow all steps stated below to create your app.

Video Guide

Act 1: Set up your personal app

Setting of the widget

Follow this link (Live Editor) to create a widget. Set the right design and display parameters to create the widget that will suit your site best. Or find out more on main page.

Get the script of the widget

The ending step in installing our widget is to take the script.

Act 2: Add contact form to a Wix page

Pin your contact form to one of the pages.

Enter WIX

Go to admin panel at WIX.

Select the required website

Select and press «Manage Site».

Edit the site

Press «Edit Site» button in editing panel.

Choose the page

In the upper panel, select the page you need.


In the left-side panel go to the tab with new elements and insert HTML Code.

Paste the widget

Edit the HTML element and insert there the code, received on Elfsight Apps website. Save and publish the changes.

Contact form is ready!

You have successfully installed the widget.

Elfsight Apps Account for changing the app

Following the installation of the app, you need to do all the editing of the form on Elfsight. Correcting field names, adjusting template or type of displaying and all other updates, carried in the editor, will be automatically applied on your resource.

In addition, in your Elfsight profile you can see more Wix apps and install them on your personal site for free.

Create customized Contact Form app free!

Free editor for fast shaping widgets.