Testimonials Slider Examples

Check customer testimonial templates examples for websites to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1. Slider

This widget is one of the most common examples of how one can organize various testimonials from clients on the website. Slider variant of the layout arranges the reviews in one line and they can be navigated with the help of arrows or dragging. Classic type of elements organization creates a familiar look: photo and name of the author are placed on the top.

Example 2. Rotator

This template will perfectly suit the case when you need to highlight an important opinion. All the testimonials will be displayed one by one thanks to Single Spotlight Template. Active carousel makes them rotate automatically, but users can also drag or use arrows to go through them.

Example 3. Carousel

To pay users' attention to the text of the testimonials, you can choose to show the text above the author details. For this, we have introduced Tiled Balloon template. It will place several testimonials per page and on the top of each one, usres will see the star rating - that’s how you can prove your appreciation.

Example 4. Cards

This template look really impressive, with photos of the authors of a greater size on the top of the text. This is available thanks to Tiled Postcard template, it makes testimonials look like postcards, indeed. They have a background color and are vertically oriented for the stylistic finish.
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Example 5. List

List template is a perfect variant to concentrate visitors’ attention on the text and make your testimonials easy to read. They are arranged as a list on the page, with author info taking small space to the left. Users will be able to quickly run through them and get the idea of each one. This is due to Single Classic template, that makes the text look more substantial.

Example 6. Grid

If you wish to have a page of your site fully tiled with testimonials and impress users with the great number, then Tiled Classic template is right for you. It will place multiple testimonials on one page with the most familiar variant of elements layout. The header with custom text will make it look complete.

Example 7. Customer story

Here you can see how Single Postcard template of the widget will be a perfect match for the case when there’s a rather long story from your client and you need to show it in all details. Using such a great size of photo you can display the example of user’s interaction with your product or service - just add the photo. All the author info stays under the text.

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