Google Sites Search widget

Amazing search tool to minimize your users’ purchasing time and boost the amount of successful sales and leads!
Google Sites Search widget
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Elfsight Search Bar for Google Sites is made on the basis of Google API (Application Programming Interface) that’s why the users are going to see the results quickly and seamlessly. The results are presented in the most amazing manner as the widget the schema markup. Feel free to use any layout to showcase your blog posts and highlight the most favourite ones by placing them in Quick Links. Having our tool you’ll be able to make a beautiful search field that will integrally be incorporated into the structure of your site.

Embed widget to upgrade the navigation on your whole website. Make visitors stay more on your ecommerce resource and boost activity by presenting more of it. Create a consistent search field with Elfsight

Explore the list of the most valuable features:

  • This is a Google API based search widget
  • High speed, quick outputs
  • Entire text search: look for matches in the titles, descriptions, reviews, and so on.
  • Promote particular goods by placing them in Quick Links
  • Convert the text into the language you speak.

You can see if the widget is for you using the demo

How do I embed Search into my Google Sites site?

Just take these steps described below to insert the tool.

  1. Perform our free editor and start creating your own instrument.
    Specify the selected design and aspects of the plugin and apply the edits.
  2. Get your individual code which appears in the window on Elfsight Apps.
    After the customization of your widget is done, copy the exclusive code in the appeared popup and save it for future usage.
  3. Initiate applying of the widget on your Google Sites website.
    Integrate the code saved before into your page and save the adjustments.
  4. The installation is fully performed.
    Go to your page to take a look at how’s the tool operating.
Due to the peculiarities of the Google Sites work, the widget may have look different from the online demo. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

On condition of confronting questions or running into any difficulties, please seek assistance of our support staff. Our consultants are longing to resolve all the issues you may have with the tool.

Go ahead to make up custom Google Sites Search

Tailor it and insert the tool on your homepage using active demo


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