ModX Radio Player extra

Vary your content variants and stick out from the crowd


Elfsight Radio Player is a simple extra which lets you to stream radio stations straight on your web page. The tool is totally customizable: you may change its position, settling it anywhere on the page, change its size, repaint the background and all other elements to combine it with your website’s layout, use dark theme, show images and display or hide three additional player elements, for example, title, status and more. Include as much stations as you want to engage your audience, switch the autoplay option on and don’t hesitate – your users won’t quit your website in a hurry!

Present your audience new source of useful and interesting content applying Radio Player

These are only several of the multiple extra features:

  • Unlimited color alterations.
  • Dark/light color scheme.
  • 2 layouts available.
  • An opportunity to append background image.
  • Adject unlimited amount of stations

You can explore whet the extra offers with the help of the demo

How can I embed Radio Player to my ModX website?

Simply take these steps presented below to add the widget.

  1. Use our free demo and start forming your custom-built extra.
    Find the custom design and aspects of the tool and apply the corrections.
  2. Copy your personal code shown in the widow on Elfsight Apps.
    After the generation of your extra is finished, copy the personal code in the appearing window and keep it for future need.
  3. Get started with using the extra on your ModX web page.
    Insert the code saved before into your page and save the improvements.
  4. The installation is successfully performed.
    Go your website to view the performance of the plugin.

On condition of confronting inquiries or clashing with any obstacles, do not be afraid to apply for our customer service staff. Our people will be happy to help you with all the issues you might have with the tool.

Hurry over to build own Radio Player

Tailor the tool and insert it on your site applying active demo


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