Create Radio Player

Add the streaming radio widget to your website. Fast. Easy. No Coding.

How to add Radio Player to a website

1. Customize the widget
Use diverse options to get a perfect for your use-case widget.
2. Get your installation code
Get the unique code for your customized widget and copy it.
3. Paste the code into your website
Paste the code into the desired place of the website or template.

Is there an opportunity to modify the style of the plugin?

Of course! You are free to do it in our live editor. All you need is to open the Style tab and introduce all the required modifications. After you’re finished, save the adjustments.

How may I create the Radio Player for my site template?

All you need is to design your plugin, then alter its style and save the changes. Copy the code of the plugin you’ve just built and embed it into the template you are using.

Do all your widgets suit for my site platform?

Of course! Our widgets perform exceptionally on almost all popular website platforms, for example, WordPress and any themes on all platforms having custom HTML (Facebook Tab, etc). And if you face any difficulties you are always free to address our support staff.

Is your tool suits for mobile?

Absolutely! You don’t need to be concerned about its work – our plugins are stable and look smooth on any device you’re utilizing.

May I change the proportions of the Radio Player?

Yes. All you need here is to in the editor, distinguish the height and diameter of the tool in px or percentage. Or you can pick the Auto feature so that it might fit into the free space available on your webpage.