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Receive single payments, subscriptions, and donations on your website with PayPal
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Elfsight PayPal Button is a simple way to allow your shoppers make payments via PayPal on your site. It allows creating buttons for single payments, subscriptions, and donations. You are free to demonstrate tax and delivery price, align localization and currency, display text and even more features. Organize an easy and secure paying procedure for your clientele on the fly, with the help one of the most reliable payment systems.

Introduce PayPal payments into your website maximum easy!

An easy payment procedure on your site with no coding in a moment’s time.
Clients value a possibility of comfortable paying on a website. Get your own PayPal button with Elfsight and you will organize an uncomplicated and fast payment method for your users. No coding, no sweat.

A single instrument to get payments, subscriptions, and donations.
Let your users make payments, subscribe to your services and donate to your business. All this is available in a multifunctional solution by Elfsight, which helps you save effort and time.

One of the most secure and wide-spread paying systems on your website.
Get the best for your users to raise sales. Let clientele make payments via a popular and reliable tool on your site and show them your business is reliable.


What makes our widget the best? See the features it offers:

  • Three types of buttons: Single payment, Subscription, Donation;
  • Option of recurred subscription;
  • Set any text above the button, using Button header;
  • Adjustable button text and text color;
  • Show or hide PayPal logo text.

Read all of advantages in our free editor

How to add the PayPal Button plugin to Webnode website

A summary time of the process is just 3 minutes, plus you do not need competence in development.

  1. Construct your personalized PayPal Button.
    Using our free configurator, assemble the plugin with the look and settings that you need.
  2. Receive the code for publishing the plugin.
    After the widget creation, get the code for PayPal plugin from the notification on Elfsight Apps.
  3. Embed the plugin on your Webnode website.
    Place the plugin on the desired spot of the page and publish the results.
  4. Done!
    Visit your Webnode website, to see your work.

Experiencing any queries while about the guide? Get in touch with our support service or check the full variant of the manual and do the creation of the plugin yourself.

Generate your plugin just in 90 seconds!

Quickly and easily, set up a plugin using the editor.


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