Sponsor Logo

Let your users know you can be trusted with the help of sponsor logo demonstrated on your main page

Display sponsor logo slider on your homepage with no effort! With the help of Elfsight Logo Showcase, you will show that your business is a trustworthy partner and sustain a good perception of your brand. The widget enables to add any amount of of logos, arrange them into a slider or grid, and it is fully compatible with Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Squarespace and other CMS you might like to use.

  • The option to choose gutter and logo size on mobile and tablet
  • Choose any background color or upload a custom image
  • Original or custom color of the logos

How can I insert Sponsor logo on my website?

To apply this widget, you don’ need programming competence or special skills in working with your website website builder

  1. Get registered in our service with the help of the demo to have a ready template;
  2. Save the unique code, which you will see in your page of Elfsight Apps;
  3. Paste the code to a selected page or into the site template;
  4. Apply the edits. You are done!

At all times when you would like to change your widget, you are welcome to do so in your personal profile at Elfsight Apps. There’s no need to to alter the website code.

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