Instagram Widget Examples

Check Instagram Widget examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1: Profile widget

Integrate your Instagram account on your website with ease by just inserting your username. All your photos will be right there and update automatically. The header of the widget shows the name of the account and its image, and those are clickable to lead your users right to your account on the social media. Follow button is a good way to attract more followers.

Example 2: Photo gallery

You can make a real show out of your account photos. Here the widget has custom width and height parameters that transform it into a gallery. Thanks to increased size of the photos, they can be viewed in details. Clean design is achieved by choosing light colors of the header and background.
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Example 3: Instagram grid

A good case of how you can create an impressive grid out of your diverse Instagram photos. Medium size of the photos are perfect for this case - it makes them viewable, yet shows all their diversity. The header of the widget is painted original colors to accentuate authenticity. Widget name and account image serve this goal, too.

Example 4: Simple Instagram Feed

That’s how you can present your photos to astonish and attract maximum attention. XL image size variant is right for this case - it turns photo grid into one-by-one type to watch each one at its finest. Scroll option allows for navigating down the feed to make users explore more content.

Example 5: Hashtag widget

Select the photos you want and add them to your feed by hashtags to create theme collection for your site. Exclude filter will help you sort out the unwanted and show only the most relevant. The hashtag in the name of the widget reveals the essence of the collection. Each photo will open on Instagram on click.

Example 6: Hashtag gallery

This is an example of a clean minimalist gallery that can be built out of Instagram photos. A selection of photos, picked by hashtag, is shaped into a theme collection with the name on the header of the widget. The photos are in L size and thanks to the increased widget width, they are arranged into an impressive horizontal gallery.

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