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How to Add Instagram Feed Plugin to Squarespace

In this column we will check the comprehensive guide on how to set Instagram widget InstaShow to a Squarespace site. We will put to use a superb cloud product with ready-made plugins for web resources – Elfsight Apps.

Video Guide

Create Your Own Instagram Grid

Accomplish some uncomplicated stages to set the gallery on the required pages of your site. The approximated embed time is less than 1 minute.

1. Create an account at Elfsight Apps

• Register or log into our cloud service

First of all, in order to use InstaShow via our Elfsight Apps, you need to create an account. Add only correct e-mail addresses and passwords to create an account. If you already have a personal account, please, enter here.

Login to Elfsight Apps

• Pick out an app

Our online service has full range of social plugins which will improve websites. To embed Instagram photo gallery widget to a Squarespace website, just select InstaShow.

Select Instagram feed

• Customize the Instagram plugin

Indicate the color solution, styles and output settings to set up the gallery that will blend with your website.

InstaShow characteristics:

  • Limitless combinations of social sources (usernames, hashtags, locations and photo URLs);
  • Additional source filters;
  • The option of limiting user-generated photos in the feed;
  • Cache media time parameter;
  • etc.

You can test all the merits at the Instagram Feed page.

Configure feed plugin for Squarespace website

• Choose the appropriate Instagram feed plan

You can select the payment plan in the window that appears. Payment plans range from free to extened. Analyze your website’s popularity and press the “Select” link.

Add the domain of your Squarespace website

• Get the script for activating InstaShow on your website

The last phase in our resource is to take the widget code by pressing “Get” tab alongside the plugin’s header.

Copy feed code

2. The Installation of Your Instagram Feed

• Log in to your Squarespace account

Login to your account at the Squarespace website.

Log in to Squarespace

• Go to “Pages” section

Select “Pages” from the left-hand menu.

Go to Pages

• Choose where to put the plugin to

Select the page and the place on the page to put the plugin to. Click the variant you’ve selected.

Choose where to put the plugin to

• Add the code to the page

Choose a place to paste the plugin to and click the left side of the page to call up the elements window. Find “Code” and click on it.

Add the element with the code

• Copy the script and save the changes

Paste the script you’ve got at Elfsight Apps into the popup window, and press “Apply”. Next, press “Save” in the upper menu to save the changes you’ve made.

Paste plugin script

• Great! You’ve installed the plugin.

Go to website and check out the plugin.

Add Instagram Feed to Squarespace

How to Change Product’s Options after Setup

You are able to rearrange the app’s appearance or the shown social page in your account at Elfsight Apps. After you save the edits, they will be automatically entered into force in your Instagram feed.

Best Instagram Feed for Squarespace

InstaShow is a multipurpose Instagram photo plugin with a wide variety of features, photos filtering, utterly responsive layout and a quick setup, what makes Elfsight gallery one of the top among the other widgets.

Briefly About Elfsight Apps

It is a resource with cloud solutions that will allow you to enhance your platform and make your business more lucrative. It only takes two steps to embed our plugins to any website. Make your resource wiser using Elfsight Apps!

Check out the Instagram Widget for Free

Study all the advantages and develop the flawless Instagram Feed for your website.

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