OpenCart Facebook Reviews extension

One-click integration of your Facebook client reviews on your website!
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Publish your client reviews from Facebook on the site with Elfsight Facebook Reviews and show your trustworthiness. Website viewers will get to know what people say about your business on Facebook in a widget with balanced design and original Facebook elements. The interface is responsive and has star rating, author info, switchable components, and preset layout and template variants. With Elfsight Facebook Reviews, you can add a button to for leaving reviews and attract more feedback.

Draw more client opinions demonstrating Facebook reviews with call-to-action!

  • Lift trustworthiness of your business demonstrating real clients’ reviews
    Demonstrate that the reviews are genuine by means of detailed author info and elevate trust to your brand.
  • Draw new sales showing your high rating
    Make use of your superb rating and positive reviews to demonstrate your items are worth purchasing and attract new purchases.
  • Achieve a clearer understanding of your offers
    Demonstrating your products through the experience of clients will help future customers form the right understanding them better.


Key benefits of our widget, which make it the best for OpenCart:

  • Switchable header of the widget;
  • Arrows and drags navigation in Slider layout;
  • Three review templates: Classic, Bubble, Spotlight;
  • Editable text message after review request denial, with formatting options;
  • Three review decoration types: Border, Background, None;

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How to add Facebook Reviews to OpenCart website

A quick tutorial on integrating and shaping the widget without competence in development. Integration will last about 3 minutes.

  1. Get the extension and install it on the website
    Choose the required version of the widget and get its file. Then, add it to your website via «Extension Installer» in the admin panel.
  2. Shape the extension
    In «Extensions» section, apply sorting by module and find Facebook Reviews. After that, manage the setting of layout and other elements.
  3. Insert the extension to the page
    Find the required page; add the extension code there, and save all the changes.
  4. The embedding is successful!
    Go to site, to check your results!

Having issues while carrying out the manual? Leave a message at our support service or check the full text of the tutorial and try again.

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