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Demonstrate a quick cookie use notification offering permission button for website users
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With Elfsight Cookie app, it’s perfectly simple to publish a notification for your viewers that your site has cookies in it. Our widget enables you to write a custom message, include a link to your website use policy, and add active buttons to seek permission from users. You are free to demonstrate the widget in the shape of a page bar or a box and select any position for it. In addition, paintable elements will help you make the widget look consistent and match the general style concept.

Where can I insert this app

It’s easy to add the notification on any page of the site or on all its pages, according to your needs. As soon as a visitor enters the page, a notification will show for them.

What are the advantages of having this app for me?

Elfsight Cookie Consent will help you arrange an instant cookie notification, with no coding and very fast. It features all most popular European languages to provide positive user experience to audience.

How do I get Cookie Consent?

It will take just two minutes of time to set up. It is extremely fast, free, and no-coding.

Elfsight Cookie Consent can be embedded through our service or through the marketplace. You can compare all details about the two options and pick a more suitable one.


To shape a clearer perception of Cookie Consent, here’s the list of the essential traits. They make the widget really effective for your promotion:

  • Make only announcement or show consent request as well;
  • Write your own notification message with available formatting options and links;
  • Show or remove an active link to website use policy and enter custom link text;
  • The option to Choose Bar or Box layout type of the widget;
  • Pick a custom color for buttons and link.

To check all features, see our demo

Here’s how to add the Cookie Consent to your BigCommerce site. It is simple.

A couple of quick actions are the only thing you need to do:

  1. Perform our free editor and start creating your unique widget.
    Determine the suitable form and functional traits of the widget and save all the edits.
  2. Copy your unique code demonstrated in the window on Elfsight Apps.
    When the setting up of your widget is over, copy your code from the emerged window and save it for future need.
  3. Initiate utilization of the widget on your BigCommerce website.
    Paste the code you’ve saved recently in your website and save the improvements.
  4. The installation is fully performed.
    Open your website to check the performance of the widget.

Still not decided? Or stumbled upon anything? Simply write a request to our customer support team. We provide professional help to resolve any trouble.

Shape Cookie Consent with ease!

Right in this demo, shape your custom widget and publish it to your BigCommerce site.


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